Arguing or debating with a BSL advocate is usually pointless. It’s not like you are ever going to get them to think logically. It’s like logic and common sense just eludes them.

Pretty much- when you start to engage with these “special” individuals be prepared to address these issues that have nothing to do with whatever you are discussing.

Do you happen to be athletic? Lift weights? Take care of yourself? Well- if you do be prepared for BSL advocates to bring it up. “Manly“, “steroid freak“‘ “she hulk“, “”she man” … You get the idea, right?


Are you skinny, chubby, curvy, voluptuous, just have a baby or anything in between? Buckle up because BSL advocates will revert back to third grade. The pathetic part is- usually it’s a over weight fuzzy man pointing fingers or some toothless old woman lurking in the backwoods of some swamp.

If you are a woman- be prepared to be called:
1. Cunt
2. Bitch
3. Whore
4. Slut
5. Skank

Or be accused of having sex with your dog.

If you are a man, you are:
1. Dickless
2. A bitch
3. A p@ssy
4. A pervert
5. A pedophile

Or be accused of having sex with your dog.

Are you gay? Straight? Sit down because BSL advocates will throw some of the worst things your way.
They will say:

1. You are a dyke
2. Childless man hating dyke
3. A fag
4. Pedophiliac fag
5. Childless fag
6. You are going to hell
7. You are abnormal which is why you like demon dogs

And that you have sex with your dog.

It doesn’t matter to them- if you are poor than you are either ghetto thug drug dealing trash or redneck white trash. If you are middle class than you are a bored fur mommy who has to ask her husband’s permission and if you are rich- well, then you are the financing a terrorist groups that supports pit bulls. Although- it’s safe to point out that the BSL advocates mocking are usually 40 year old DJ’s, 40 year old bartenders or living off our tax dollars. Oh yes- and you have sex with your dog.

If you don’t go to church than you are satan’s best friend raising hounds of hell and training them to devour the godly and righteous BSL advocates. If you do go to church? Well, you are going to hell for harboring demon hell hounds. Oh yeah- don’t forget, you are having sex with your dog.

Stereotyping and racial comments are the norm for BSL advocates. If you are African American than you are ghetto hood rat trash. White? Well, your KKK white trash from the trailer park. Hispanic? An illegal sent here to take their jobs (if they ever had one to begin with.) don’t forget- you are having sex with your dog.

If you have kids than be ready for their verbal attack. You are a horrible parent. You are sacrificing your children to the pit bull alter. You are planning a late life abortion. You are unfit, selfish and neglectful. They can do SO much better- even though by their own negligence they caused the death of their own child… But you know… Plus- you have sex with your dog.

Childless? Well then- you have no right to say anything and according to them you better sit down, shut up and get educated. Something is wrong with you, you are heartless, unfit, pathetic, lonely, unlovable and you have sex with your dog.

Just remember- if you are going to debate with a BSL advocate be prepared to talk about EVERYTHING but about education or dog safety.

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