Love Love

You know what I love? My kids. They may be stubborn, loud, argumentative, questionably sane, Kung fu masters, blanket thieves, hot water hogs, toy hoarding, chore avoiding, professional sock losers, my excuse for walking getting to go to Toys R Us- but I love those little monkey butts- even if my two year old is continuously telling me that she is farting.

You know what else I totally love? My Husband. Mr. Smexi Pants himself. He can’t find a pair of socks to save his life but he makes a mean grilled cheese. He doesn’t understand how I can lose the remote daily or how I remember all of our social security numbers but he’ll tell you that my peanut butter cookies are worth my frequent spending splurges at the fabric store (but only because I got him a WiiU for Valentine’s Day last year.).

Cupcakes. You know who loves cupcakes? This girl. Peanut butter chocolate? Yes please. Margarita cupcakes from Sprinkles? !Si! German chocolate? Ja! Red velvet? Fo’ sure!


Okay, okay- I love our pooches. Who couldn’t love Gustavo the Grande enchilada and Scrappy McScrapster? Yes, Scrappy is a pit mix but no, he has no genetic relation to the T-Rex. Nor does he spend the day debating if our family is edible. What he does do is- get bossed around by Gustavo, hog the couch, snore, fart, eat… A lot. Beg for my food after he just gets done eating his. Occasionally backs up Gustavo while he chases the birds from our backyard and SOMETIMES plays fetch.

Now- since a silly Foamer googled my home- he can see the large crystal blue inground pool in my large backyard. Guess what? This girl loves her pool. Especially on the 119 degree summer days. Who am I kidding? I love my pool when it’s a chilly 80 degrees outside too.

Did you know that this cupcake pool family login chica loves to dance? Not in public- unless it’s to embarrass my tweenager- but the toddler and I can bust out moves to “Do you wanna build a snowman” like a Mutha f@ckin pro.

Much to the irritation of BSL advocates- I love blogging. I love blogging about the utter insanity of their advocacy. I absolutely love showing just how ignorant these people are.

I love listening to them b@tch and moan when pit bull owners and their amazing dogs prove them wrong each and every day. I love watching them come up for excuses for their stupidity. However- I do find it sad.

I find it sad that the small group of raging ignorant morons will never be able to enjoy and love the life around them. I find it sad that these people are so bitter and twisted that they feel the need to poison communities with their disgusting behavior. I find it sad that the amount of material they provide DAILY to continuously share their ignorance never ends.

But- what I do love about it is- it gives you the chance to see these type of people. That you get to read in their own words exactly what their agendas are. I’m glad that it gives us just another tool to share with legislators just what kind of people BSL advocates are.

I love watching people become aware. ❤️

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