Sex Ed

Since education is a small part of our purpose here at ZombiesandDogs and boy we sure do love educating BSL Advocates.

Now it came our attention that certain BSL advocates are in the habit of googling beastality videos

Not sure why this mother of children ( which is very alarming) is even googling these videos- but maybe she doesn’t understand beastality is disgusting and illegal.

I know I’m not the only one who wonders this. I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that either large amounts of drugs or booze have just ruined any functioning brain cells when it comes to BSL advocates. I wonder if they even understand what you should or should not have sex with?

It’s not that complicated-

You can have legal sex with a consenting adult- male, female or both that are over the age of 18.

Blow up dolls are legal. Weird and creepy but legal.

Pretty sure I don’t have to go indepth with that picture.

Yes- you can legally have sex with your pillow. Not sure why you want too but…you can.

This isn’t brain surgery folks-

It is illegal, immoral, unethical and plain disgusting to have sex with animals. If you purposefully seek out videos of beastality like the BSL advocate shown in this post- who happens to be a mom- and laugh about them should have her children taken away and thrown in prison.

No means No. That includes young adults under the age 18 and includes disgusting sexual comments by 40+ year old men ( who are also around young girls… Yikes.).

Just saying- but for once a BSL advocate might be thrilled something is actually attracted to their brains? Either way- not a good idea.

Just wrong, disgusting and illegal.

Mother Nature would be offended. Keep in your pants perverts. No one wants to see you dry humping a tree.

As funny as it would be…. No. Especially here in Arizona.

But let’s recap- if you feel the need to google beastality videos, you have issues. Serious issues that need to be addressed. I know that BSL advocates have trouble remembering this- having sex with animals is wrong.

Any questions?

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