When it comes to numbers- BSL advocates like to play a game called “The Number Game”. It’s actually pretty simple- take real numbers, ignore them and make your own sh@t up. Sounds fun, right? Well it must be because they play it all the time. Do you want to learn how to join in this famous Foamer game? Grab a pen, scrap of paper and some aspirin because it can be confusing for intelligent people.

Alright- so the first you is- start grabbing random tragedies that have the word “dog” in the story. The next part is- make a clear announcement that states:

Now- take a look at “Jan Smith” she pulls the “I’m going to label the dog WHAT I WANT to label it even though I know damn well it’s not the correct breed” card.

So, be prepared to count Bull Mastiff, any kind of mastiff, Bull terrier, American bulldog, cano Corso, Dogo, any of those crosses, lab mix or any mix that might be mistaken for a “pit bull” as all pit bulls.

Once you have added up all of your numbers, just start lumping actual dog attacks with just odd tragic accidents- because you know- when you get right down to it- a “pit” was evolved.


1. Eugene Smith – dog attack
2. Declan Moss – dog attack
3. Trayton Joiner– hit by train while walking dog. ” A two-year-old boy was struck and killed by a train on Monday while he was walking with a dog along railroad tracks in southwestern Kentucky, police said.”

This is were it gets confusing for normal folks like you and I. How could anyone confuse a child walking a dog and getting hit by a train is… the dogs fault? A TWO year old… walking a dog… by a train track… alone… Falls under a death related to a dog?

Getting confused yet? Is your head starting to hurt? Go ahead and take a aspirin because it’s only going to get more befuddling the more we keep trying to understand.

After some internal squabbling among players disagreeing and agreeing about the numbers-

Start laying the smack down on those players that start questioning your list. Here is where you roll up your sleeves and let those other players know you mean business-

Yeah- cuz it totally could come out that the dog purposefully led the boy to the train track and purposefully pushed both in front of the train. Either way- just to make sure it gets on the list, add it under non attack fatalities related to pit bulls.

Makes total sense right? Don’t worry though- there will ways be a fellow idiot backing up that move.

When all else fails- just start making shit up.

I really don’t understand why they complain about people not listening to them. It’s not that people don’t listen- it’s just that most people are smart enough to see through their nonsense.

Don’t worry Billy- no one takes you guys seriously anyways.

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