Down the Drain

It’s awesome watching the BSL
advocacy shoot themselves in the foot on a daily basis. What even makes it more priceless when their residential morons notice it and point it out.

You know things have to be going bad when you have to just keep making sh@t up to try to further your agenda.

Once again- just changing the titles of the articles for shock value. Not a care if they are wrong- which they are.

Or using images of a dead child taken from 2012 with the wrong dogs and photoshopped to make the dog look scary.

Keep it up BSL Advocates- the desperation is really noticeable now.

3 thoughts on “Down the Drain

  1. Pathetic!!! They are just pathetic.
    sidebar: I recognize that smarmy, guilt trippy delivery form of sentence structure uses on that Mellon Collie page. Does Billy Corrigan know they appropriated the Smashing Pumpkins entire album cover?

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  2. Hahaha…..JB is now denouncing supporting the page Walk for victims…because they changed the headlines in these stories!! Why doesn’t he denounce those in the Prop group, that did NOTHING but verbally harass the mother of Declan, or stop them from harassing the family members of Malaki??? Sorry but no cigar JB… You are the company that you keep!! Every single member of all those groups are the same.


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