Making Sh@t Up as They go-

No one has ever accused BSL advocates of being honest. Ever. In fact, I doubt the implication of honesty has ever been implied when it comes to that bunch of emotionally stunted individuals.

It’s always sad to read a report about a child dying by a dog or multiple dog attack and it’s even sadder when it’s family pets. According to reports-

“CLARINDA — A 7-year-old boy who died Thursday was attacked by two six-month-old mixed-breed puppies belonging to the family, said Page County Sheriff Lyle Palmer.

The boy, identified as Malaki Mildward, was taken to Clarinda Regional Health Center, where he was pronounced dead at 5:50 p.m.

Palmer said the dogs were taken Thursday night to a pound. Both were euthanized Friday, Palmer said.

The dogs were a 35-pound male and a 25-pound female, he said. Both were mixed-breed, with at least some bulldog.”read more here

Now- no images of these dogs have been released, no family members have spoken out- but that doesn’t stop these heartless and brainless morons from frothing excitedly.

Our friends over at Foolish Follies caught their beginning deceptions with the simple trick of changing the title on the FB post- like this-

And we have caught them circling the friends & family of the victim- even sending friend requests to gain info-

And if that’s not enough, Foolish Follies has caught a DBO member just flat out fabricating info and Colleen Lynn letting it happen- check out the outrageous lie here.

Ladies & Gentlemen – it looks like BSL advocates are working on breaking their record of making sh@t up.

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