The 773%

I’m a huge fan of getting your dog fixed- mainly because sometimes– just sometimes- accidents happen and they clearly are not for the best.

Meet Rami. Now, if you are like me- blink a few times, close your eyes, take a deep breath before your brain fully registers what you are looking at. Ladies & Gentlemen- a pit/dachshund mix. I’m guessing this kind of throws the whole “every pit bull is born and bred to be a pit fighter from satan’s personal fighting hell hounds.” mantra of the BSL Advocates.

However- we know some of our favorite BSL morons had to put their two cents in. Which leads me to: Whacky Wednesday Joe with BSL Advocates!

I figured- who doesn’t want to drink their coffee and read some overwhelming stupidity?

Good ‘ole Lisa. I think the majority of people do not want a relentless killer as a pet, however I’m pretty sure 99.9999% of the world is not thinking that when they look at this dog.

Because many people have souls and are compassionate human beings unlike Lisa and her crew of morons- they look at this dog as a product of human irresponsibility. Part of me feels that this creation was by no accident but that is not this dogs fault and as usual Lisa shows her ignorance by her usual “best way to ruin a breed blah blah pit blah blah blah.” nonsense.

Now- common sense says Heather is talking about the birthing. Considering the body frame of the much smaller dog trying to push out a large puppy. Hopefully it didn’t go down like that because that would be heartbreaking. Of course Lisa the ignorant moron obviously is in capable of figuring that out.

Sorry Lisa, as usual- you are wrong. Families just don’t leave and come home to a bloodbath. Time and time again we read information like “left small child alone”, “dog chained up with child outside by child”, “previous bite/aggression history.”- and we all know the story of Angela Rutledge. The woman woman who left her small child downstairs while she went upstairs for a undisclosed amount of time and was so preoccupied with whatever she was doing did not hear her child being attacked by her dog.

Lisa just can’t make up her mind- either she wants rescues to disclose important information such as-

1. This dog may be to hyper for children.

2. This dog is not leash trained

3. This dog does not have any training

4. This dog likes to be active

5. This dog is a pit bull/Dachshund

Or she doesn’t. Come on Lisa, which do you want? It’s obvious you want this dog dead right along with its litter mates- but don’t you want rescues being honest about the behavioral issues? Maybe you and your fellow BSL advocates have been so dedicated to lying (ahem… Like the whole 773% rise in pit bull attacks….) that you are incapable of figuring out what honesty actually is?

Sorry guys- but you don’t get to kill a dog because you deem it ugly. Plenty of folks out there love their “ugly” dogs.

Plus, someone loves you- with your dark, ugly, vile and toxic personality so what’s the issue?


One thought on “The 773%

  1. Good grief…that person is dumber than a bag of pulverized rocks.
    And the one who said put it out of its misery. I saw the video of the dog. Looked to be quite happy, not miserable at all.


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