The BSL How To Guide

Recently- I found the exclusive BSL How-to- be a Asshole handbook created by & Daxton’s Friends.

Check it out yourself!


Looks really snazzy, right? I wonder if it’s actually free or do they charge for it?


Right? I mean- what “myths” have they busted? That you only .0001% of being mauled by a pit bull?

Yeah- like that’s not creepy. “Hey! I promote victims advocacy but I’m gonna go exploit your kid right now… Just paste it to groups with known convicts….”

Aww… Poor Willy Billy. Need a drink poured?

You wanna know how a BSL advocate is lying? If they are typing, talking, breathing, walking, sleeping, driving….

It doesn’t even matter if you are holding the smoking gun, bloody knife or bottle of poison.

It’s totally up to date… Like in 2011.

Yeah… Not even sure how to approach that.

Ask Eve! Your so called friends will call your job, stalk and harass you…. Make you lose your job…all because she disagreed with Harve!

Makes sense. Just make shit up!

For any reason, right?

3 thoughts on “The BSL How To Guide

  1. No one cut the top off of Johnson’s stupid photo. It was taken directly off of his own facebook page just like he posted it.


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