Gee… I wonder

These dogs need to be banned nationwide and should all be euthanized as soon as they are obtained.


“Where do these people get the idea that public safety advocates are supposedly running around killing pit bulls? It’s baffling; I can only surmise that they are taught to repeat that myth in the hope that somebody will take them seriously.”- Jeffrey Sloan

Hmmm… I wonder where we get the idea, Mr. Sloan. It’s not like BSL advocates (Oh, wait- what are they calling themselves now? Oh right, “Public Safety Advocates”) are always talking about killing pit bulls on a daily basis, right?

Good! Now PTS!!”- Jen Arevelo

should have slit the dogs throat“- Nicole Marie

 A spyderco enema is said to be effective in these situations. But as John hinted, watch out for the owner, they can be dangerous too.“- Jeffery Sloan

 Cut the spinal cord at the base of the neck just above the shoulder blades. Severing a spinal cord stops everything instantly.

A 3 inch legal folding knife will work. You need to cut across like: left to right, rather than stab. Pit bulls will shake then pin their victim for a few seconds, it is when they are in the “motionless pin” stage that you have the best chance of severing the spinal cord. You need to practice both mentally and physically. The two most basic steps for learning anything:
1) Visualize doing it.
2) Develop a muscle memory by practicing.
a) get the knife
b) To get an idea of the force needed. Go to goodwill and get something made of “pleather” or vinyl
c), get a block of jack cheese at least 2 inches thick.
d) Wrap the cheese in the pleather, set it on a stable surface and practice crossway cuts.
“-Gwendolyn Hanan

evil people created this type of “dog” for evil purposes, known as satan’s “dog” I use the term dog loosely since they are mutations, they are evil and do satan’s work by killing and maiming innocents, then the “cute” absolutely not really actually they are quite hideous “dogs” are pitiful because meeney people don’t like them , they would never hurt anyone , yeah right ,remember thugs created these for a purpose they have evil in their hearts , the very idea of them are /were demonic“- Bev Sunshine Martin

All the talk about killing our dogs is getting really f@cking old. Thankfully people are seeing the violence these “public safety advocates” encourage and are starting to stand up and telling these psychopaths to kick rocks.


4 thoughts on “Gee… I wonder

  1. Scary, scary stuff. There isn’t anyone or anything on this planet that I hate enough to fantasize cutting its spinal column — let alone PRACTICING in case I get the chance to do so. There comes a point where the issue is no long about this group being ignorant or hateful and becomes the fact that they have some kind of serious sadistic pathology. Honestly, if this is the kind of thing they feel comfortable sharing on a public forum, then they should be being monitored by some kind of law enforcement agency.


  2. Definitely should monitor the person who wrote this. Nobody else stops to think that maybe the people who qrite things like this are targeting this breed specifically bc they know they might get away with doing something sick like this?Bc they are sick twisted people who take pleasure and would take pleasure in doing this to another human being? How does a normal person just think of doing this to any animal period? Sick minded psychopaths.


  3. “. . . watch out for the owner, they can be dangerous too.” Damn right! But it has nothing to do with the breed – if someone tries to hurt or kill my dog (poodle, pit, or any other type) I will not sit quietly by and watch. My pets are like my children and I will protect them as if they were.


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