Colleen Lynn is reaching and it’s starting to make her look even more desperate. It’s gotten so bad that her own “fans” are noticing it and getting turned off.

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) ā€“ Albuquerque Police said a 3-year-old boy got a hold of a gun, and shot his dad and a pregnant woman. It happened inside a motel room in northeast Albuquerque.”

It took me a moment to process this because this isn’t the first time in the past 2 months that a young child shot & killed their parent due to access to an improperly secured gun.

“Veronica Rutledge was shopping at an Idaho Walmart, when deputies say her 2-year-old son reached into her purse and accidentally discharged the gun, killing her.”-Dec 31, 2014

Two different stories in two different parts of the country, yet both having tragic endings. Both resulting in a child losing a or injuring both parents. Now, I know your sitting there wondering what ANY of this has to do with Colleen Lynn?

True to her modus of operandi- she found the word “pit bull” in the story and magically turned a GUN SAFETY issue into… a pit bull issue.

Not only does she turn a incredibly serious situation like the fact that somehow a 3 year old got hold of a loaded gun and turn it into a butt of a joke but she once again ignores the trauma that this has inflicted on not just one child but two. Although, we know Colleen doesn’t care. She zeroed in one on thing in the whole story:


That is the ONLY thing that “woman” (and I use that term loosely) cared about in this whole story. It’s no surprise that this childless, unmarried woman (oh, wait- according to Jeff Borchardt that would make Colleen Lynn a pit bull owner…), named Colleen Lynn completely tosses the victims to the side- she does that to EVERY victim that doesn’t help her propaganda.

Although, according to some rumblings, it looks like her own “fan club” is getting tired of her overreaching.

Edith, this story has absolutely NOTHING to do with dog bites, but you know…

Colleen tends to go a “little far & lose credibility“? That kind of pertains to EVERY single thing she posts. Although someone should warn Janet about the dangers of members speaking out against Colleen Lynn. She should ask Eve who lost her writing job due to not jumping on the Colleen bandwagon or countless of others who have disagreed publicly with her.

Keep it up Colleen, the rate you’re going you are on the right track for destroying what smidgen of credibility you might possibly have left.

5 thoughts on “Pathetic

  1. She is a dangerous, dangerous woman. And the fact is, if you type in “dog bites” in a search engine…guess what site comes up first? Because she is a skilled web designer, the site looks legitimate…which is why so many members of the press get sucked in to her BS.


  2. Yep, I read the comments on the crazen one’s page, and the sister pages, the DD public group, and the PBPMR public group…and they all jumped on the “it is on the internet, it must be a pit bull problem”!! Seriously, I am so tired of the stupidity, and ignorance that is allowed to come from these so called humans….and keep showing that they are nothing but a “false agenda” driven group. They hate dogs, plain and simple. And they want NO responsibility for anything that happens to them, so they will always blame someone or something that cannot speak for itself….ugh


  3. I agree totally with all of you. She is insane and she and her hater friends need to leave our dogs alone. They are bullies that don’t have the nuts to pick on anything their own size so they pick on breeds of dogs. Helpless animals that would do anything to please you. If you were to ask me I would say that THEY are the one’s living in trailer parks in gangs dealing drugs, and that is where the real problem lies. In their delusional minds.


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