I will always respect your right to have a different opinion. That means, you could be for or against homosexuality, God, the Easter bunny, abortion, wearing white after Labor Day, Muslims, Christians, Santa Clause, recycling… Pretty much anything except for the disgusting, perverted and criminal. Seriously, you can even dislike the breed of my dog- I’m 100% okay with that, hell- I might not like your dog of choice, but one thing I will NOT do is wage a campaign of hate against you. Why? Because of a little thing called RESPECT. Which according to recent events unfolding in the BSL crowd- it’s the one thing lacking.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I actually respect the few BSL Advocates that have stood up against their own cult of hatred because they refused to change their belief system, but many of them are paying the price of refusing to stay silent.

Look, I’m not going to argue if vaccinating your child is right or wrong because that’s not the point of this blog- but I respect the individuals opinions on it- whether I agree or disagree with them. Do you remember the article Clifton wrote comparing non- vaccinating parents to pit bull owners and the hilarious splitting of the supposed rock hard community? It seems as if the divide that has been created is growing daily. All because they can’t respect a different belief.

When you have a group that frowns upon individual thoughts & beliefs, you start seeing abusive tactics to attempt to squash the offending members. You see the group fracturing, you have one group disallowing any form of wavering, another group refusing to change their stance, not fully knowing the price of attempting to defend their own individual and personal beliefs. Let’s not forget the silent group- you know, the group that is filed with members to afraid to chose sides publicly due to fear of receiving the same abuse that the others who dared not conform are receiving but are starting to whisper of the growing instability of their former leader, Jeff Borchardt. However, if you ask him- it’s not a big deal. Those silly anti vaxxers are just being childish but they will get over it.

I’m not sure Mr. Borchardt understands or has the capability to understand the damage he has done. Somehow, I doubt many of his former “supporters” will get over it. According to sources, Jeff Borchardt knowingly and joyfully has been letting his team of bullies loose on those daring to question him.

One such victim has been harassed via cellphone by Jennifer Sue– to the point of the victim debating to take out a order of protection against her! She’s not the only victim of Borchardt’s little cult member. According to our sources, these former members are called out in the “Shoo” private group and judged. In fact, Mr. Borchardt goes as far as to make excuses for Jennifer Sue’s abusive behavior by stating- “Jenni Sue is just sticking up for me.. We’re best buddies…” Whaaaaat? Jeff making excuses for bad behavior? I’m shocked.

Here are just some of their victims speaking out:

I have so many screenshots of the harassment I endured by a member of the shoo group, it isn’t even funny. When the “chosen few” are taught the secret handshake of shoo membership they are told not to discuss anything that is said inside that group with the outsiders. However, this person did just that yesterday in the marathon post in the SDFPB group. She is still lovingly called Jennie Sue. I was placed in the advocates mental ward group and removed from shoo, yet she still remains. I was told that it is a personal matter between me and Jennie Sue. Right. So she gets to harass me by phone, which is illegal btw, and I am in the mental ward. I am sick and tired of all this shitAnonymous

” That is so funny what you said about the shoo group being a “safe haven”. The only person who has gone on a public smear campaign, violated my privacy harrassed me is in that group. It is an unsafe haven. She even went so low to say in one of her texts that ::: blank::: attack is fake. I am so glad we live very far away from one another, please do not think I am making a threat against her, just venting.”Anonymous

I’ve figured if you are caught disagreeing publicly with Jeff you are out of everything.”- Anonymous

This is not a secure was to talk. I just got hacked by Jen Sue. She just said how dare me for saying bad things bout her best friend Jeff. My reply:Shame on you for snooping in my private messages We use pm’s so that we can vent privately. Your have invaded my privacy. I tried to help you when you were sick. Called you many times to check up on you, but when you scored the drugs you needed you did not want to have anything to do with me. Talk about betrayal, you used me you abused me and now you are snooping on me- HOW DARY YOU, MISSY!!!.”Anonymous

All of this abuse and so much more because this group did not bow or change their personal beliefs. Sure, they still hate my dog but now maybe they know how we feel being attacked daily by the BSL cult. I hope they are prepared, because I have this feeling their former friends are just gearing up for so much worse.

One thought on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. I admire your stance on respecting other people’s beliefs…but when it comes to anti-vaccination, it’s a little like respecting people’s right to drive drunk.

    There are so many life-damaging consequences for innocent bystanders who had no input on the initial decision, such as the loss of herd immunity, the development of super-bugs, and the potential to infect (read: straight-up kill) individuals with compromised immune systems, e.g., chemo patients and HIV+ people.

    However, it IS extremely distasteful the way that the BSL folks turn on each other so viciously. I can’t imagine using the “R-word” in any context, but especially when trying to make a serious point to someone I’d previously been friends with!

    On a lighter note, as I said on Follies, I’m super-hoping that the DBO types keep splitting and splitting into smaller fringe subsets (maybe David Icke followers who think lizard-people are actually pitbull-people? Breatharians who believe that the only reason people can’t exist on sunlight is that pitbulls are stealing their life-essence?) until they’re just a bunch of isolated weirdos.

    And maybe then each individual starts to fight with HIMSELF, and split and split…until they turn into butter, a la ‘Sam and the Tigers’?

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