Realllly? I thought it was just a “make believe” event? That pathetic piece of trash “man” (a disgrace to the proud aboriginal heritage) has openly bragged about poisoning, shooting and torturing pit type dogs. That disgusting piece of filth “man” also creepily stalker called a good friend of mine with the intent to terrorize her. That walking used condom “man” lives all the way across the world attempting to push his terroristic tactics on innocent people- all because he hates a breed(s) of dog.

Now, I won’t lie- in my weaker moments I just want to rush out and get a vodoo doll and put a million pins in it to create agonizing pain that would just go on for like…. I dunno… Infinity. Throw him in a time traveling machine and send him back to the inquisition era with a sign on his chest that says WITCH in big black bold letters? Make him sit through the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie? The possibility of horrific and agonizing outcomes for this asshole “man” is never ending.

Arrrrggh. Sometimes it can be a real hinderance actually having compassion. Don’t get me wrong, a part of me can’t help but imagine him dying in some crazy way, like being hit by a car, then run over by a train AND then run over once again and just giggle at the thought, buuuut…. I get the fact that there are actually people that care for this POS. I mean, his poor kid can’t help that his dad is a pathetic excuse for a human horrible “man”.

Eventually– just like everyone, that man will die. It happens. Fact of life. HOWEVER– if reincarnation is actually real, I hope he gets reincarnated as a pit bull. I mean, that would be karma. I hope his reincarnated self finds himself like many other pit bulls before they are rescued. Living in the worst of conditions, confused, in pain and at the mercy of those “dog fighters” that BSL respect far more than us “nutters”.

While the reincarnated John is chained up in the cold, starving and in pain, I hope he finds himself being rescued by the very rescues and people he harasses daily. I hope he feels the love, compassion and hope that these rescues have for these dogs. I hope that he is fed, nurtured, loved and given every tool possible to be the best pit bull he can be.

Then, one day- as he sits in a kennel, watching his rescuers fight not just for him but for millions of dogs. Fighting for these dogs to have a chance. Fighting for humans to fix what humans screwed up in the first place. I would hope he finds a forever home filled with laughter, warmth, friendship and family. I want him to feel the pain of his owners as they read or listen to the disgusting remarks made by BSL advocates towards him. As they sit & worry if a ban or BSL would take him away, I want him to comfort them the only way a dog can- by just being there.

Watch him become one of the millions and millions of pit bulls that never bite or hurt a single soul. I hope that one day he becomes the one thing he hates: a loving, well trained pit bull who lived to be a old family dog.

Just like every living thing, the reincarnated John T will die, leaving the next generation with the desire to have a dog just like him. Another pit bull.

Now I kind of really hope reincarnation is real. I suppose it’s all in the hands of Karma. Remember, karma can hit you in this life…. or future lives and wouldn’t that be something awesome?

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