Dear Boomer,

**in Response to this article

Now, I’m pretty sure you are busy writing up another incredibly ignorant piece of garbage with the hope of gaining some much needed attention for whatever reason- but I really feel the need to share something from the bottom of my heart with you- Mr Boom, you are an asshole douchebag moron huge steaming pile of shit incredibly insensitive and horribly misguided individual.

I get it- you hate pit bulls. That’s great, it’s your choice, I mean according to your heart string tugging story you must live in a freaking war zone. It must be just RAINING loose pit bulls that zero in on you & charge you continuously… for the last 3 years. You’ve been charged ATLEAST a dozen times by pit bulls and that’s not INCLUDING all the other dogs that seem to want to tear you up (maybe they just the assholish force is strong within you?).

Yikes, if I were you- I would be looking at different property if pit bulls are running gangs in your neighborhood and running amuck DAILY– around children no less. I mean, the millions of homes with pit bulls living happily with children are a TOTAL fluke, but yeah, I get it. Some pretty horrific dog attack fatalities concerning children have happened but we’ll just leave the part out about parents not watching their kids around the dogs out, because I’m pretty sure another pit bull had set up some kind of distraction so another pit bull can just attack for no reason ever.

Now, you can hop on the band wagon (even though it’s been debunked over & over.) and spout the expertise of a failed psychic but I should warn you that it will make you look even more ignorant than what you already look now- which is a feat upon itself! However, let’s clear some of your lies up:

1. The rest of the pit bulls in the world are NOT responsible for the actions of a few. Period. In fact, the MAJORITY of pit bulls are laying down happily at the moment probably passing gas so foul that it can clear a room. The MAJORITY of pit bulls are living happily in children or non- children filled households running, sleeping, eating and just being dogs.

Shocking right? I mean, when you have members saying 96% of all pit bulls are surrendered to pounds while the remaining 4% are killing things I can see how shocking it can seem that all those imaginary pit bulls are coexisting with man happily.

2. I would say I’m surprised that you compared sharks & panthers to a dog, but that kind of is expected considering you are telling people is credible. No, but seriously- puts absolutely no credible source of info about dog/ownership. What they tell you is- “It’s TOTALLY not the parents fault for being negligent as long as the place 100% on the dog and not the human.” It’s kind of like saying- ” It’s TOTALLY the cars fault for keeping the child strapped in his car seat while the parent forgets about him.” Or- “it’s totally the pool’s fault for drowning the kid- not the parent who wasn’t watching their kid.”

I can’t even proclaim sadly that I expected more from you Boomer- but what I can say is- if you ever brought up euthanizing a total breed of dog after my dog died because you want to jump on the attention whore band wagon I would probably punch you in that fuzzy face of yours. So yes, feel free to put euthanizing a entire breed on the table if you feel like it- but please wear something padded on your ass because millions will line up to kick that ass right to the curb.

But seriously Boomer, I live in a neighborhood were every other house (nice, suburban houses) has a pit bull with children and the only dogs we see running loose and attacking things are the ankle biters from across the street. A pack of ankle biters.

It’s funny, because my friends, co workers and fellow dog owners of multiple breeds sit around talking about politics, music, our kids, movies, our husbands, in laws, trips and our dogs… Oh yes, and the stupidity tat over flows in this article. So, at the very least try to put your freaking stupidity on a leash for the good of our community, ‘Kay?

One thought on “Dear Boomer,

  1. Hilarious. The man as much as admits that the problem isn’t the pitbulls but the fact that their owners don’t keep them on their leads.

    Then he goes on to admit that this isn’t even a pit-bull-owner problem, since off-lead “labs and terriers and brave little chihuahuas” also charge him and his dogs.

    I do have this much sympathy: I can’t bear people who walk dogs off-lead in inappropriate areas and/or whose off-lead dogs aren’t under voice control. That isn’t safe for anyone involved, including the dogs themselves. But how does he not see that THIS is the actual issue?

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