Who’s a Mole? Where is the Mole? Are they All Moles?!

BSL advocates up in the Shoo group are losing their ever loving minds. Paranoia is running rampant and its busting out at the seams! It’s gotten SO bad that those proclaiming their status as “victims advocates” are ATTACKING actual victims of pit bull attacks.

Mind you- I’ve never spoken two words to this woman named Madaleine but I have heard her story and seen the pictures of her attack from the super secret SHOO Nutters group where Jeff & Kim Borchardt squirrel away with the top foamers (Susie Iwiki, Jenni Sue, Christy Cornell, Baker and the rest of the crew of morons) sit around and complain how mean everyone is to them with the gates of the super secret Foamer club guarded (obviously poorly since… Well..) by our favorite bartender William Johnson.

Madaliene Kempinski is a victim of a horrible dog attack by a pit mix. Madaliene was a vet tech with ATLEAST 16 years in that field. The hospital that was boarding the dog never mentioned how aggressive it was and she payed the price.

Normally I wouldn’t share these images but I think it’s important to see these injuries because for the last few days, I have seen these so called “victims advocates” call these injuries fake. Honestly it was HILARIOUS watching them toss back the idea that A.) This woman is actually me, B.) This woman somehow faked these injuries ( like how? Used a sharpie and drew them on?).

I honestly feel bad for this woman. She doesn’t even know who I am and the people using her attack to further their hate filled agenda are the ones victimizing her over & over again. Not that I’m surprised, what they’ve done to Sue Palen, another victim of these “victims advocacy” who dared to stay true to her beliefs. I hope Jenni Sue is bombarding this woman with nasty text messages too.

I mean, do they understand that they say the majority of their stupid sh@t on public pages? Do they realize that they continuously stab each other in the back? I can’t even count the screen shots I get from their “friends” who get mad at something stupid one of them have said. Seriously, they would be shocked that some of their “supreme” leaders are GREAT sources for tid bits. I suppose they follows the “Keep your friends close and your enemies close” motto, which is fine with me. Either way, it just shows how broken their internal system is and highlights the continuous disgruntled splintering of their group. The whole throwing the anti vaxxer BSL advocates under the bus is a great example. All because they spoke out against their supreme leader.

Madaleine went “wrong” by not jumping on the extremist band wagon. She wasn’t the first- if I remember, didn’t Susie Iwiki have some lawyer cousin they attacked also? Pretty sure they threatened to harass that family- wouldn’t be a far stretch since Jeff Borchardt has harassed those that speak out against him at their jobs.

When BSL advocates cry about the friends they’ve lost due to their extreme hate- they are not lying. From sisters (right, Freda?) to family members BSL advocates leave a wide path of angry people sick of their bull shit.

Way to go Jeff & the fellow morons… Keep attacking the real victims. You really should be more worried about the people you call “friends” cuz jealousy is a ugly little monster and it makes your “friends” do crazy things.

2 thoughts on “Who’s a Mole? Where is the Mole? Are they All Moles?!

  1. Good Grief!!! What a bunch of freaking hateful, backstabbing, paranoid delusional morons. 2/3rds of the conversation regarding this was on the stupid Dangerous Dogs page where ANYBODY could read it. Its quite telling actually that the core members (Jenni Poo prime example) are practiced at being moles, stealing content from non-friends, and loonies who curse you out.all.while proclaiming you’ve earned a ticket to hell. Its like high school dramatics. No one could possibly take any of them seriously. Get a clue people, FaceBook posturing has negligible effect on the passing of laws and regulations. You’re digging your own hole.

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