Doubt it

I guess Jeff’s mother-in-law is offended. Who’s shocked? I would be more offended about her husband lurking and stalking animal/dog rescue personnel… allegedly. 

Either way, Jeff’s MIL was so offended that she had to rush off and send her heroic son-in-law (who had a hand in choosing the caretaker responsible for the death of her grandchild… ‘Cuz who doesn’t trust a drunk driving sitter with their kid?) this horrific image!

So horrible, right? True to form, BSL members attack the only they can- her looks. It’s pathetic and their desperation is screaming out and people are paying attention.

Ladies, try to contain yourself- ready? Let me introduce Dan Saeger. He’s a real charmer.

What a classy fellow, right? He did 22 years in the navy and obviously didn’t learn a thing. You know who’s a piece of shit? Dan Saeger. He’s kind of like a massive coward and a disgrace to the uniform. Although, this is typical behavior for BSL advocates. Dan’s misogyny is accepted by both male & female BSL advocates because it’s directed at a female pit bull owner.

It’s a disturbing growing trend in the BSL advocacy- promoting and accepting violence and abuse towards female pit bull owner.

Bitches, cunts, whores, sluts, dykes, trash, skanks…

How many times do we read about male BSL advocates talk about “putting a bullet in that bitches head right along with her mauler.”? Better yet, how many times do we hear Jeff Borchardt bash women? Threaten women? Stalk women and their families? Almost every day. Notice how he tends to steer clear from the men? Well duh- he’d get knocked on his ass if he did. 

From what I hear- certain BSL advocates are going to get a rude awakening soon… but then again, they should be used to that by now.

8 thoughts on “Doubt it

  1. Seriously….he brags that he has walked away from women more.beautiful than this woman? Were they blind, drunk, talking to him on a dare because there is no way in hell any even remotely attractive woman looked at this goober twice. Not even when he was younger, which I just had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing. Plus since he obviously is full of himself, derogatory and a narrow minded ass I doubt even unattractive women gave him the time of day. What a twit.
    And before he goes off on some tattooed pit woman tangent…no I don’t have any tattoos…not that there is anything wrong with them. I just don’t wish to spend money on that.

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  2. 22 years in the Navy? That means he made it to the rank of Chief Petty Officer, at least, but I’ll just take the initiative to call him out for what he is – a mere, pathetic E-7. From what I’ve read of his venom, he does not deserve to call himself a Chief.

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  3. Well, of course, we all know that any woman’s intrinsic value is totally determined by, and limited to, her outer appearance. Megan Fox? Hot, therefore worthy of all the blessings life can bestow. Mother Theresa? Not, therefore a waste of space on this planet.

    So, clearly, this is a valid and fruitful avenue of criticism for DBO to pursue and in keeping with their general level of intellectual sophistication.

    Seriously, though, Ms. Franklin is beautiful on the outside, but more importantly she is beautiful on the INSIDE. She’s extremely successful in her career and seems to be in a very happy marriage as well. I doubt she’s lying awake nights worrying about what some random, much-older guy thinks of her appearance.

    It’s scary how much anger people (men, but also other women!) have towards women in the public eye today. It wasn’t this bad when I was growing up. Unfortunately, it isn’t limited to the BSL types, but this movement certainly seems to provide a lot of opportunities for expressing it.

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