Generation of Excuses

It’s sad to say, but sometimes a child’s and dogs worst enemy is the adult placed in the position to protect them. I mean, what has happened to people? 

Check this video out

Honestly, what the f@ck is wrong with people? That isn’t cute, it isn’t funny- it’s a tragedy waiting to happen. It’s a bite or a dog bite fatality that everyone will cause pain for that child and death to that dog. 

It’s the families dog… They’re watching them and trust the dog enough to let it sit by the girl. Must be pretty okay.”

Uh… no, it’s not okay. Obviously this is repeative behavior and the parents have seen this behavior before from the dog. Of course we know what the parents will say when or if a bite occurs: “I don’t know what happened! The dog just snapped!” Riiiight… No clue that this dog possibly had resource guarding issues or was startled because it was sleeping.

Lighten up people.  It’s a bark.  Not a bite.”

No. Hell No. As dog owners and parents, we should “never lighten up”. When you decide to have a dog AND have children, it’s your responsibility to look after both. It’s your responsibility to try to prevent any sort of preventable tragedy- kind of like this video. 

I hear BSL advocates moan & groan that “why, back in 1821, parents could leave their young children with their dogs all by themselves from sun up to sun down with no incedent ever. Than these demon mutant dogs….” Bullshit. I’m confused how they don’t look at stuff like this and don’t call the parents out. If that dog would’ve been a pit bull in that video, they would be frothing up a storm. Now, if that dog ever bites that child, it won’t be a big deal. Slap a band aid on it and throw the dog into the pound. Accidents happen when it’s  not a pit bull.

That dogs new name would be Frisbee. because thats what it would look like flying through the air when i threw its ass outside, never to be let in again.”

Passing the blame. I actually blame BSL groups like & Daxton’s Friends for that trend. “It’s never ever the humans fault, people before dogs!” It’s just not possible for a parent to watch their small child around a dog, according to BSL advocates. I mean, why have a dog you can’t let your kid bounce on, poke, prod, pinch or just let them hang out unsupervised with, right?  Cuz, man- you just can’t take a shower or do ANYTHING  if you have to have your todler in your eyesight.

Obviously the majority of them do not have toddlers. Granted, I have a toddler and I have 2 dogs and I haven’t had a shower in private for 2 years. From the moment her feet hit the ground – she’s been in my eyesight 24-7 while she is awake (unless I get a afternoon to myself!). I’m not the only one either. After polling a toddler parent group, if you ask the majority of mom’s they will tell you they can’t wait for the day they can shower with the door closed.

I guess it’s not that difficult for me to put my toddler in her crib, or place a few baby gates up to corral her, boot the pooches outside…. I know I’m not the only one because the baby gate tricks was shown to me by a mom with a horde of mini poodles. 

Come on parents, wake up! You know who’s paying for your irresponsible behavior? Your children, your pets, my family and millions of others. You leave your kid alone with your dog and your dog bites, who gets blamed? According to DBO, not you. You let your 4 year old roam around unsupervised and he climbs a fence into a pen with chained dogs and he gets killed, who gets blamed? According to DBO everyone but you. Poor choice of babysitter? Go ahead and blame strangers.  Let your kid play with a chained dog? Keeping known aggressive dogs? Finding it funny or cute when you let your dog snarl at your child? Hate to break it to you but…. It’s your fault.

“I would have knocked that dog to kingdom come and keep it off the couch from now on. This dog needs boundaries is all.”

These parents, along with a select few need to common sense. A few parents would still have their child if they used common sense. The truth hurts but that doesn’t stop it from being the truth.

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