Daily BSL Quotes

“Typical delusional lying pit nutter making up her fantastics as she went along, utterly non credible, i am sure her mutant undog will eventually get her goat, literally in her throat.”

Literally folks…

“I’ve produced a defensive combat stance before when surprised by one of these beasts.  The owner just smirked at me.”

Rick is Kung Fu fighting, doubt he’s fast as lightening…

When you are a pit-nutter, and a pitiot, you worship the dog god above all else. When you worship the dog god, it always demands blood sacrifice. When a child is killed by a killer pit bull that is worshiped, they consider it a sacrifice to their dog god,  and the blood thirsty pit-nutters are satiated. By not caring about the human death, which happened in the jaws of their pit bull dog god, they show that they do NOT care about humans, they do not care about children, they only care about dangerous killer pit bulls, and they hope they can kill again. Time to call them on their blood lust.”

Hmm…last time I checked, I havent sacrificed anything to any known God…

“Darwin theory will eventually weed out the stupid people who own pits thinking they will not desock their face from their scull like the leather of a football. And then eat it!  “

Unfortuntly Richard is proof that the Darwin theory is failing at weeding out stupid people…

Lesley’s insightful post about the father, high on crack, with a history of drug dealing, with complaints of aggressive dogs AND fell asleep after his crack binge who was 100% at fault for the deadly mauling of his son:

“How difficult this is, to prosecute a bereaved parent. To add to the grief and guilt.

But we are approaching the point where very few parents do not know or cannot know, on some level, the dangers of these dogs. And sadly, there exists a plethora of parents who know full WELL what these dogs can be like, who KNOW that they kill and mutilate children on a regular basis, but who simply refuse to believe that THEIR own dog would do so a thing.

To be put on trial is the right thing to do. Even if no punishment is administered, or sparse punishment given, it sends out a message to ALL parents who CHOOSE to combine a Pit dog or any other KNOWN dangerous breed or type of dog, with their own precious child.

A child is a gift to the world. It is NOT just the creature of its own family. The world must mourn the loss of a child. And ask questions WHY a child died, and could that death have been prevented BY the
primary care-givers of that child – the parents. In this case, the death was preventable. ALL child deaths from Pit dog attack are preventable.

Asking questions is no longer enough. The parent must stand accused. At the end of the day that each broken child no longer sees, we must stand up for the child robbed of his life, robbed of her life. And even if that parent is not punished by the law, the parent must stand in front of the world and be seen to be ‘on trial’. The message must be clear to all those who gamble with the child/Pit dog combination – YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE so that other innocent children will live, even though YOURS did not.

Uh… nope. It’s totally not difficult to press charges on parents induced by crack who causes their 4 year old son to be killed by known aggressive dogs. I sure as hell hope those parents feel grief and guilt. This is what I don’t understand- they want to call those of us who are the responsible majority the dangerous ones yet…. they want to excuse the NEGLIGENT ones because…. why? It doesn’t take brains to figure out how or why that 4 year old boy was killed.  But I do agree- the majority of all child related deaths from pit dogs are preventable… however that would mean irresponsible parties need to stop blaming a dog and taking responsibility for their actions… but of course, that would mean they would have to be responsible and we know that won’t ever happen in that group.

“And even if that parent is not punished by the law, the parent must stand in front of the world and be seen to be ‘on trial’.”

Wait- isn’t that what BSL advocates call victim blaming? Well, if Lesley the Ninja, the old Jedi of the BSL advocates says this is what must be done….  lets put those irresponsible parties in front of the world and be put to “trial”.

The court calls….. Susan Iwiki, Jeff Borchardt, Gail Benford, Angela Rutledge… should we continue?

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