Thursday’s Giggles

What man/husband/boyfriend/father let’s a female in their lives that they care about talk to some weird random creep over the phone? 

The majority of men?  It’s obviously an odd concept for our favorite compulsive liar Anthony Michael Ridge. You know, the the BSL advocate guy who pretended to be leading a super secret attack on ISIS that he broadcasted over Facebook.  Either way, Anthony announced he was depressed and wanted female BSL advocates to call and soothe him. 

Only one woman called him and it makes him sad. A Facebook friend explains why she didn’t call him:

Gail’s husband would not be amused if she started calling men off Facebook. Uh… Most men would not be amused and neither would most women!

What kind of man? A normal man? Maybe he can come up with another story of adopting a Chinese girl who’s family was killed by a wild pack of pit bulls but was really kidnapped in Australia. Oh wait, he already did that. 

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