Super Creeper

Oh, Mr. Craig Brown, you are a creep. It’s like you can’t hide, can’t contain all of the disgusting creepiness that just oozes out of your pores.

But- creeping on pictures of children?


“Can you message me a picture with out the block?” Uh…. Why, Craig? Why would you want to see the face of the child? It’s bad enough Borchardt created that page to splatter images of pit bull owners children- but at least the jerk is blurring out the children’s faces, maybe- because he doesn’t want the images of his unborn child being tossed around and abused like he’s been doing?  Maybe because he knows deep down what pedophilic leeches he rubs elbows with willingly are doing with these images? 

For whatever the reason- I don’t care, he’s atleast doing that, but Mr. Craig the Creep Brown just isn’t happy about that.

Yes, the sites useless because no one will message him a picture of the little girl… Ugh- what a creep.


5 thoughts on “Super Creeper

  1. YUUUUUUCK!!!!!

    What always gets me with these people is the sense of entitlement.

    Hey fella, nobody appointed you the picture police. You have no right to access images of other people’s children!

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  2. I’m going to start responding to Mr. Brown’s posts of dogsbite. org links with links. This dude is acting like a straight up pedo.

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