In this Moment

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Humans by far are the greediest, destructive, cruel species to set foot on this world. 

Right this very moment- somewhere in the United States– a pit bull is being euthanized because there is just simply not enough room. Somewhere this very minute- thousands of dogs are being euthanized because of this:


Because some greedy human decided to take two dogs- breed them and try to make a quick buck off of them. Ten puppies. Now, ask yourself, just how many of those puppies will find a honest forever happy home? One? Maybe two? Now, just how many will find themselves dumped at the pound? Five? Six?

150 dollars for the females- 150 dollars for mutts. 100 bucks for males- 100 bucks for mutts… Why? So the back yard breeder can get her nails done? Her hair done? 


 Newsflash folks: Just because you can breed dogs together doesn’t mean you should and its high time for responsible dog owners to step up and create laws to stop this. How many rescues are filled to the brim because of people like this BYB? 

Now, before you say I’m to harsh on this “woman” this isn’t the only time she’s done this-

Mind you- there are nine puppies in that litter.


Just how many of those 9 puppies are sitting in forever homes? How many of those puppies were dropped off at the pound or living in some back yard breeding operation?

Wake up folks- what will it take before we, as a a community say enough is enough? The reality is, these dogs will end up in pounds and rescues- placing  this ever growing stress on facilities run on small budgets. There just isn’t anymore room.

Dogs are not a paycheck and you are a grade A piece of shit if you think of your dogs that way. What will it take to stop this? Can it ever be stopped?

9 thoughts on “In this Moment

  1. Enough IS enough! I wonder why there is no movement to actually do anything about this sort of thing. I do rescue work, but you feel like you’re shoveling water back into the ocean. I know people hate big government, but how about some regulations? You want to sell or give away puppies? You should meet a minimum standard and pay a tax on the income.

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    1. Great idea, Sarah. Money is clearly the only thing these BYBs care about, so money will have to be part of the solution…Maybe there should also be a licence (and a pricey one!) necessary as well.


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