The never ending question is:
Are BSL advocates dangerous?

Of course, if you ask Jeff Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends & Colleen Lynn of they will tell you in no way shape or form that they are just a victims advocacy. However, behind closed doors the real truth comes out.


Mind you- this threat is made against a complete stranger who dared to post a picture of himself and his family pets on his own Facebook pag



That dog owner never interacted with Curtis. In fact, Curtis has no clue who that man is- but Curtis wants to use his dogs and him as target practice all because the man has “pit bulls”.

I think it’s incredibly important that people know the truth about the BSL advocacy. It’s not about public safety or victims advocacy- it’s a public platform to propagate hate and violence against a collective community.

When has threatening violence ever been acceptable? Never… but this is the resounding message BSL advocates are pushing. They are justifying violence based on a hatred for not just dogs but for people. They are justifying terrorizing families because they hate certain breeds of dogs.

It’s not like their members are mentally stable…


It’s not like any of them have been forced out of a job because if their violent behavior…


Oh wait- someone did. 
But no BSL Advocate found that funny… right?


Oh wait.. they did. Good ‘ole William Johnson- co founder of the pit bull propaganda machine with Jeff Borchardt… A group Curtis us involved in. Anyone truly shocked? Nope- just BSL advocates being BSL Advocates.

4 thoughts on “Violence

  1. Hahha….did you look over his fb page? Wow, talk about self centered! And he seems to be against legal carry, because of the carnage it has caused. Here is what he said

    Curtis Realjonzy Jones Sr.
    December 14, 2012 ·
    I’m sure these are legal gun owners, so everytime crap like this does happen because some “normal” person gets upset and does something like this.
    Now how many families will have to suffer, bury children, get counseling for children and healing for themselves and community. How many people with guns were there to save them, so why and how does having so many legal weapons on the streets help, if there was a bow and arrow or a knife or even a grenade, they wouldn”t have caused this much carnage and grief.
    So all you NRA advocates need to start thinking, because guns are not toys and should be treated with the due respect.
    I hope these people are pouring money into this community at least as much as they gave to george zimmerman.

    Oh the irony! But then again, I suppose he has to fit in somewhere, so he drank the koolaide, and joined the cult! And it figures Johnson would giggle….we all know what he does to his patrons that get drunk in his bar!

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  2. Billy knew it wasn’t satire…he chuckled because he LIKED every deranged way ricky could think of to torture a pit bull…this is how they roll…this is the type of people dbo will continue to attract…dbo’s model citizens.

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  3. Holy wow. Was the comment on the Jones picture left before or after the recent racist mass murder? It’s terrible either way, but if was after….😱

    Seriously, maybe I’m showing my naïveté about social media here, but it seems like this is the kind of thing that should be reported to the police. Is there a way you can do that?

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  4. Well they can go ahead and insult this dude all they want, they know nothing about him. And we all know what losers they all are. I have watched some of the Gremlin videos and the man in this picture has a beautiful wife and an extensive network of friends and loved ones. They also live in a house that NONE of these dbo freaks could afford. And they just seem like good, decent people. So bring on your tittering like 13 year old mean girls, it really just reminds us how sad your little lives are.

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