Is Jeff Borchardt, Daxton’s Friends, Colleen Lynn and behind these Cases of Animal Abuse?

“Sometime between the late evening hours of July 1 and early morning of July 2, one of our adopted dogs, an American Pit Bull Terrier named Morpheus, was lured away from his owners’ property and killed. His body was then dumped near their property where he was found the next morning. A necropsy was performed to determine the cause of death. Morpheus died from a single gunshot wound and his body was moved post mortem.

Morpheus, the black Pit Bull pictured here with Kati and his sister, was just 9 months old. He was an ambassador for his breed. He was a gentle dog who loved everyone he met. In fact, his trust and love of people made him an easy target. We cannot stand by and let his death be just one more act of animal cruelty in our community. We are working with Kati and her husband Erik to offer a reward starting at $2,000 for information that leads to the conviction of the individual(s) responsible for the intentional, malicious killing of a part of their family. Morpheus was family.

Detective Redmon with IMPD is actively working leads, but she needs your help. We are asking that anyone with information, or who may have seen or heard something in the area of 9700 Cooper Rd. or 8200 Stones Ferry Dr. on the night of Wednesday July 1 and early morning of Thursday July 2, contact Detective Redmon at 317-327-1431 or Crime Stoppers of Indiana at 317-262-TIPS. 

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Kati and Erik as well as our continued commitment to help bring Morpheus’s killer to justice.” 


Notice the sign she is holding? We have seen Jeff Borchardt, the founder of Daxton’s Friends and poster child of a hot mental mess for – stalking and cyber attacking dog owners involved in the I am the Majority project. I would suggest and will foward complete lists of Jeff Borchardts anti pit/hate groups to the authorities. In fact- Borchardt is warning the public:


According to Borchardt- we will not like how these dogs will be taken out. He warns us that it will not be humane. However, this isn’t the only dusturbing case.

Warning: This image is disturbing.

He may be alive today…if someone had just called. Yesterday, our HERO Team responded to a call about a dog suspected to be a victim of abuse who lay deceased in front of a dumpster. We have named the dog Justice. Eyewitnesses reported hearing and seeing a dog “cry out” Monday night in South Kansas City. 

But no one called authorities. No one investigated. 

The dumpster was emptied on Monday morning, and was at least halfway full when our team arrived on Wednesday. This means that countless people walked over the dog to put their trash in the dumpster. Though we do not know who or what caused his injuries, we do know he suffered severe trauma to his neck/head and he was left alone to suffer. Animal abuse should not and will not be tolerated. 

A reward fund of $1,000 has been established for anyone with information about the case or who may be responsible. Tips can be directed to (913) 742-7327. Great Plains SPCA and friends of KC Animals are asking the community to stand up and speak out against animal abuse because ‪#‎PetsDeserveBetter‬. Any citizen who encounters a situation of suspected animal abuse or neglect needs to immediately contact authorities so help can be provided while there is still time and responsible parties are held accountable. Please help us spread the word by sharing this across Facebook and Kansas City.”


Great Plains SPCA

I would go ahead and start checking out the members of this group-


Odds are that these individuals know exactly who is responsible.


9 thoughts on “Is Jeff Borchardt, Daxton’s Friends, Colleen Lynn and behind these Cases of Animal Abuse?

  1. I would also check out the Dangerous Dogs group also, there are numerous haters in that group, that have also listed, planned, ect. all the different ways to kill a pit bull type dog. Every single one of the people that belong to these groups should be locked up as far as I am concerned. They are the true threats to public safety.

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  2. So it appears bogart admits that they are going to go vigilante and take matters into their own hands…hmmm..this is not uncommon in cult behavior…indeed they need to be watched and reported to the proper authorities..

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  3. The reality is this: At what point does this idiot take at least SOME responsibility for his son’s death? If he explicitly stated he didn’t want the dogs near his child, he must have had some inclination that they may have been a threat to his child’s wellbeing (Note: ONLY because their owner raised them to be). Why would any parent intentionally and knowingly leave their child with someone who has 2 dogs to be weary of?

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    1. Probably never, my opinion, and its purely that, is this rabid need to exterminate all dogs that fall into the “Pit Bull” category is some sort of cover to reduce his own guilt for his son’s death? Where was he when his son was attacked and killed by these dogs? Why did he put his son at risk by leaving him with a drug using neglected dog owner? He failed, the baby sitter failed and young boy died as a result of those failures. Not discounting the dogs killed and did so viciously, but destroying all Pit Bulls doesn’t bring his son back, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a negligent parent….I don’t think he’ll ever do that.


  4. The dogs that killed the DJ’s son were boxers not pit bulls, yet they tell everyone they are pits to further their eradication agenda of all dogs not just pits.They are sick, sick people that I totally agree should be watched by law enforcement because they are behind a lot of the killings we have been reading about around the country. All anyone has to do is see if any of the dogsbitedotorg or DF members live anywhere nearby which most will, and they will find the pos that did it. They have no remorse and pretty much all of them have some pretty serious mental issues.


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