The Heart Broken Poet

Poor Elton Camp.  Mr. Camp the residential pit bull hating poet got his heart broke.


It seems that the loving Ninja of bat shit craziness nicknamed Lesely has ripped the sensitive heart out of Mr. Camps chest.


The Ninja of doom openly told Mr. Camp to shove his pit hating poems right up his arse. Mr. Camp is devastated. So devastated is Mr. Camp, he poured his broken heart into a loving poem for the heartless Ninja….

The Metamorphosis

There was no better advocate than Selley Sue 
To fight dangerous dogs, she knew what to do

But too bad for her, as if by diffusion
Their traits entered her, to bring confusion

At innocent folks, she’d bark and growl
Unless they’d cow tow, she’d then howl

She began to love to start a fight
Believing only her views are right

Ultimately, she became filled with rudeness
Topped off with a big serving of crudeness

It happened so gradually, she didn’t realize
Until, one day, she got a horrible surprise

Looking into a mirror, she was taken aback
An ugly, vicious pit bull was looking back

By Elton Camp

It seems hell hath no fury like a scorned pit bull hating poet….

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