Reality versus The BSL Advocacy


Gee…. I wonder what the pit bull was doing? Let’s break this down into two scenarios. The BSL Advocate version versus Reality.

The BSL Advocate Version

The day started out like any other day. An unsuspecting guy decided to go for a drive, but as he was grabbing his car keys a suspicious pit bull stepped from the shadows with some booze and a bazooka.

Armed with booze and a bazooka, the mean ‘ole pit bull threatened to poor guy- ” You drink this booze until you are shit faced drunk or I am going to blow you to kingdom come.” The man, obviously not wanting to get mauled by a bazooka armed pit bull- starting double fisting that booze until he was good and drunk. After the bazooka carrying pit bull made sure the man was good and drunk, they all climbed into the vehicle to cruise for some people that the bazooka armed pit bull could harass.

While the drunk man was drunk driving, the notorious bazooka carrying pit bull forced the drunk driver to drive off a steep embankment and roll his Ford explorer multiple times.

Police were heard muttering “if only they had a Daxton’s Friends flyer…it could have prevented this….”


SANTEE, Calif. – A 31-year-old motorist was arrested for felony drunken driving after his Ford Explorer careened off a steep embankment in Santee where one passenger was critically injured and two others suffered serious injuries.

The white Ford Explorer, occupied by four adults and a pit bull, had gone of a steep embankment, rolling over several times and ending up in a ravine in harsh terrain, Morsch said.

All four occupants and the dog were injured. The critically injured occupant was lifted via hoist and rushed to Sharp Memorial Hospital by a sheriff’s helicopter, he said.

The other three occupants were also airlifted due to the remote area and were taken to a nearby landing zone. They were then transported via ground ambulance to various hospitals for treatment, he said.

Read the actual story here…..

Bazooka smuggling Pit Bulls forcing average folks to drive drunk…. Is there nothing these dogs can’t do?

4 thoughts on “Reality versus The BSL Advocacy

  1. So extremely drunk people go off-roading, get in a drunken rollover crash and it’s the pit bull’s fault?? Is that what that idiot was implying? Poor dog, only sober one in the vehicle too!

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