Do you want this man in YOUR community?

Jeff Borchardt, founder of the questionable non- profit Daxton’s Friends isn’t one to shy away from his misogynistic views on women, especially women who own breed(s) of dogs he is attempting to kill. In fact, from telling under age girls to perform acts of beastality to threatening women with physical violence, Jeff Borchardt’s favorite past time is stalking women via the internet and in person.



The question that we have to ask our communities, do we want a poor excuse for a man like Jeff Borchardt to slime his way into our homes? Do you want a man who proudly boasts of harassing women on social media so much that they have to block him? Would you want the pathetic POS like Borchardt verbally and possibly physically assulting your wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers because he saw them walking a breed of dog he hates? He has- and openly bragged about the verbal assaults on his hate page- The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed.

Is this the kind of man you want in your community?

Read more about the behaviors of Jeff Borchardt:

Animal Abuse

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2 thoughts on “Do you want this man in YOUR community?

  1. Reblogged this on mongrelsandmen and commented:
    Jeff Boofhead Borchardt makes more victims daily then he could ever hope to help with his fake non profit DF’s where he contributes to the death by dogs toll by telling everyone that only “pitbulls” kill people this is only one of Jeff’s daily lies and in-appropriate behavior, this man does not care about “Community” safety he cares about killing pitbulls and that’s his main objective to rid the earth of Pitbulls. He’s far more Dangerous then any animal could ever be?

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