Yet Another Reason Why Daxton’s Friends and DBO Fail at Humanity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for once, Daxton’s Friends was actually honest with the public? Let’s be realistic, Statistic show that a child will be killed by someone they know far more often than by a family pet. Numbers don’t lie- dogs are not the greater threat to our children… The threat comes from mankind. The threat comes from a 40 year old man stalking families and taking images of children to post on internet hate groups.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason Why Daxton’s Friends and DBO Fail at Humanity.

  1. This hits particularly hard right now after just reading more of little Bella Bond’s story. Yes it was the boyfriend of the Mother….not her parent that actually killed her. But her Mother, who was supposed to protect her child did not. The place where she was supposed to be safe and loved failed her. That POS boyfriend put her in the refrigerator and she stayes there for a month….a freaking month.
    So Bored Sh*t and Hassockhead can just shut their ignorant pieholes. Dogs are not the huge danger to children or adults. The average is not even one per state. And no I am not trivializing the deaths….anything but. They are tragic and sometimes preventable tragedies. I wish they did not happen. But you never going to achieve that goal by killing my innocent dog.

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  2. Great video! I love this new direction for you.

    This reminded me of how the DBO gang were touting the case of fatal dog attack on a pregnant lady as typical for pit bulls. They were saying the pregnancy makes women more ‘tempting’ to the dogs somehow. Do you know the actual number-one cause of death for pregnant women in the USA? Murder. As in, by a human. As in, usually by their romantic partner. It kills more American women than any medical complications from gestation.

    I think if they want to ban pit bulls, they’d better ban husbands, too.

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  3. Reblogged this on mongrelsandmen and commented:
    Add to that the 500 children killed and the 7,500 hospitalized after finding and playing with unsecured firearms in the home?

    Jeff & James are attention whores they’re more interested in their own five minutes of fame which seems to be coming to an end.


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