For Pete’s Sake Tammy…

Some people have a quirky sense of humor and then you have people like Tammy, dedicated frothing Daxton’s Friends follower.



So, it’s cute and funny that this dog knocks over kids and humps them? I’m pretty sure the poor kid didn’t find it that funny and I’m sure the parents of the kids didn’t just laugh it off.

You know why this behavior is perfectly acceptable to Tammy? Well that’s simple- it’s not a mutant demon dog from Satan’s ass (AKA the Pit bull type dog.) Screw the fact that humping can be a sign of stress or dominance issues, right Tammy? It’s not a big deal that the dog could become aggressive if the child struggles or fights the dog, right Tammy?


JFC Tammy, when I think of fun and humorous moments with dogs, I don’t really ever include a dog humping rampage…. Stop drinking Tammy.

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