In the grand ‘ole land of the BSL Advocacy, you have the right to an opinion…. as long as it is the same opinion shared by Jeff Borchardt and Colleen Lynn. You have the right to be respected and heard….. as long as it follows the BSL party line.  Agree to disagree? Of COURSE…. not. Why? Because you do not disagree in the happy land of the BSL Advocacy.

Ask a legitimate question?


How dare you…. I mean, how dare you wonder why a baby sitter was not charged for the death of a child in their care. WHAT horrible police department would do that? What kind of self respecting reporter would dare ask a legitimate question? I mean, they must be a pit nutter!



I mean, the poor guy   secret undercover agent for Animal Farm Foundation could not have possible have read allllll of Borchardts 1,800 posts of informative bullshit. I mean, if he had- he would totally be calling for the DESTRUCTION of ALLLLLL PIT BULLLLLLS everywhere!

Oh wait….


Come on Bill, you know darn well Ms. Palucha didn’t read anything you posted. Lesson 101 when dealing with BSL Advocates- there is no sides… you are either for BSL and use your power within the media to call for BSL and to paint all pit bulls as man eating demon dogs that were birthed from Satan’s rear end or you are the enemy.


Someone else… as in someone who won’t be unbiased. Maybe you should just let Colleen Lynn, Borchardt or Clifton go ahead and replace you.


Even though Bill acknowledges that people and animals have been injured in pit bull attacks, even though Bill points that there is no denying that pit bulls can be very aggressive AND can cause damage and death…. he refuses to chose sides.  In fact- Bill brings up the point that there HAS to be a middle ground among sane and reasonable people…


Alas Bill, when you are dealing with BSL Advocates like Borchard, Palucha and their fellow fear mongering buddies…. there is no compromise. The millions and millions of innocent dogs do not matter, remember, 96% of all pit bulls kill and the remaining 4% are just waiting for the right time to kill….

They are not looking for a solution, they are looking for the sweet gentle extermination of multiple breeds. I mean, if BSL advocates had to hold dog owners accountable, some of their own poster children for their cause would be sitting in jail… Right Borchardt? Although, I bet Iwicki could still do some good sitting behind bars, right? I mean, Rutledge could still be a strong voice as she pens her letters from prison? Wouldn’t you visit them? Send them some care packages?

Either way, I think Bill is learning just what really fuels the BSL Advocacy… heaps of hate and mountains of bat shit craziness.

6 thoughts on “Entitled

  1. Wow…I do feel sorry for Bill! But I think he did a damn good job in handling the loonies! And hopefully this story gets around to other news stations, so they are prepared for the onslaught of the loonie brigade! lol He is one reporter that has it right, and doesn’t feel the need to flash his man made goodies to get a story published and noticed! I am passing this around just so everyone can see how these people operate! You know when you deflect, and blame others as much as they do, they are hiding their guilt!

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  2. This is exactly why they aren’t taken seriously. He pretty much gave them the rope to hang themselves and they obliged. When it comes to those two specifically, the best thing to do is agree with them. Honestly, if you take the fight away from them, they will implode. Let these two become the yardstick for every BSL bill in every city, state and county.

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