Ladies and Gentlemen, do not adjust your screen. What you are about to see is scientific verifiable proof that pit bulls are every freaking where. 

Even though, according to mathematical genius Merritt Clifton tells us that the pit bull population is the minority- 6% to be exact–   it seems that 99.97% of all dogs that are unidentifiable all seem to have over whelming pit bull genetics tainting them.


Pug and Pit mix….. Of course, the ears were a dead give away. OH, I should point out the coat of fur. A coat of fur are a pit bull breed give away. Let’s go over the visual pit bull identification checklist:

1. Fur (various colors, texture and length) ✔

2. Ears (Floppy, erect, small, large) ✔

3. Teeth ✔

4.  Legs ( short, long) ✔

5. Eyes ✔

6. Body (square, long, short, fat, skinny, muscular) ✔

How can you not see the pure bred pit in that dog?


They are everywhere…. You have been warned.

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