William calls Foul!


Right! ‘Cuz those darn people just make shit up! No way anyone just wrote that Ms. Margery should be punched right in her mouth! It’s totally false! It’s a fib! A Falsehood! A Gosh Darn Lie!


Good thing William didn’t have to wait very long…. I mean, those twits over there call us delusional. Either William is unable to scroll up and read the thread his fellow morons write or he is that delusional that he honestly believes his fellow group of morons are not capable of writing violent things. Somehow it wouldn’t surprise me if he actually thought the phrase “She needs a good punch right in the mouth!!” in no way means Sonya wants Margery to get a good a punch in her mouth? Maybe it’s just code for “Give Margery a great big hug?”Liar3I find it interesting that a grown man who states not once, but twice about how he pays Margery absolutely no mind whatsoever….


(What William really  means is: “After 30 years of pouring drinks for the public and getting them so wasted that they pass out at the bar and I mock them on Facebook….)

Continuously pulls up screen shots from that nobodies page. That darn Margery’s page…


Now, William has never heard of a BSL advocate hiding under a rock to kill a dog… I suppose because all that talk of dog killing is “hypothetical” right? It’s so creepy watching a 40+ year old man stalk a “70 year old” woman.


6 thoughts on “William calls Foul!

  1. Sonya should be more polite to the tax payers that pay for her Section 8 housing and EBT card. I am not a 70 year old woman….maybe the little hoodrat should try punching me in the mouth. Of course she would have to come out from behind the keyboard to do it. Billy is not much better as far as government freebies go either.

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