Super Sluether Gwen


Gwendolyn Hanan, the super sleuth of breed identification clears everything up on a “questionable” breed identification. When is a chocolate lab not a chocolate lab? When it bites some one, of course!

good grief

“THE MOST HORRIBLE SOUND:” New tonight for 11: a rescue dog turns on his owner. The bite wound was like nothing a parent should have to see. But no one is blaming ‘Derby,’ the chocolate Lab.”

It’s gotta be a blatant switcheroo, right? There is just no way that can be a chocolate lab and good ‘ole Gwendolyn is going to go full moron detective on it.

good grief 2

Well guess what? Gwendolyn must be endowed with super telepathic powers! According to her, Derby is a pit bull mix! Look! She even provided a link to verify that, let’s take a closer a look at it!

good grief 5

Maybe you can spot it, because my eyes must be going bad because I can’t see one word in that link that calls that dog a pit bull or a pit bull mix. Maybe chocolate lab is the new pit bull bloodline?

good grief 4

Still not seeing the pit bull in it….. maybe the chocolate lab bloodline is rare and meant to obfuscate the mutant land shark and deceive the ignorant public?!

good grief 3

…. And now, her smoking gun! The clincher! The picture of Derby panting! Note the distance between blah blah blah and the size of blah blah blah and BOOM, it creates a pit mix! Totally can tell that by the size of it’s mouth. Just for shits and giggles, let’s look at those REAL chocolate labs with their tongues in AND out….

chocolate lab 2 chocolate lab

Those darn new Chocolate lab pit bull bloodlines…. obfuscating those mutant beasts right in front of us.

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