Two Morons sitting in a Tree…..

Madison County, TN – The Madison County Sheriff’s Office reports that a pet Rottweiler killed a 57-year old man yesterday. The sheriff’s office responded to a call about a dog attack about 3:30 pm Thursday in the 2200 block of Highway 70 East. Deputies found Anthony Riggs, 57, on the floor and unresponsive. EMS pronounced him dead at the scene. The investigation showed that Riggs was attacked and killed by his newly adopted Rottweiler, according to the sheriff’s office. – The Jackson Sun

Notice the breed of dog mentioned? Notice it does not say “Pit Bull”?


Yet somehow, Joanna McGinn can’t stand the idea that this story ISN’T about a pit bull. However, according the Joanna, the DBO resident expert of imagination land somehow believes that pit/staffies semen have escaped and started knocking up Rottweiler’s and are morphing Rottweiler’s into KILLING MACHINES… all because of some mysterious pit/staffie semen. Notice Nicholas nudging his nose right up Joanna’s hind end? I guess he’s learned that he better conform to their brand of stupidity if he doesn’t want to be verbally ganged up on by the usual BSL advocates for speaking out of line again…. like mentioning other animals capable of killing people…. Maybe if he would have said that the cows could have fallen victim to the pit/staffie semen they would have accepted his cow death statistics?



5 thoughts on “Two Morons sitting in a Tree…..

  1. I live in the English countryside, and death by cow is a VERY real thing and a deadly serious issue. A family friend actually landed in the hospital for an extended stay following a trampling by cattle this spring…he had been the out walking his purebred SPRINGER SPANIEL through a meadow on a public footpath, and the cows just lost their minds. The dog did nothing wrong, but the cows had calves and were on the offensive. It happens, and far more frequently than attacks by bully breeds.

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  2. Bulls also gore people which is mucb worse than trampling. Have you ever seen the horns on a brahma bull. Yea you don’t want those after you. That is the type of cattle prevalent in Florida below Orlando and the orange grove region.

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  3. “Cows are not bloodthirsty killers”… yet pit bulls are, even though cows kill as many people as pit bulls, and probably far, far more if you actually factor in hours of contact.

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