TOP 10

Usually every single word that BSL advocates mutter/ type is annoying…but there are words and phrases that are especially annoying. Should we do a countdown?  We totally should!


“Eventually, not today, not tomorrow, probably never but at some point… Your mauling land shark will maul and eat you.”


“The God damn billion dollar pit bull advocacy is everywhere, but those damn pit bull owners who are part of the advocacy are poor white/black/Mexican ghetto hood rat/criminals trash that live in trailers/projects living off welfare.”


Peanut F@cking Butter




“I’m waiting on you to provide evidence that our stats or DBO are not reliable and no, the CDC, NCRC, AVMA or any other experts don’t count as evidence.”


“Blogs are not a reliable source of information, check out my blog, http://www.daxton’sfriends.bullshit and my blog for REAL facts.”


“All pit bulls are purpose bred genetic killing machines.”


“If you own a pit bull than you hate babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, middle age folks and senior citizens.”


“Herding dogs are bred to herd, these dogs are bred to kill”.


You are not entitled to your opinion, just me…me.. me… me….”



“Do you have a break stick? How about a panic button?”

The reality is, BSL advocates will say some of the stupidest sh@t you’ve ever heard and when you THINK you’ve heard the worst, they will rise to the occasion and say something EVEN WORSE. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s all how they were raised, maybe they were just purpose bred to vomit nonsense… who really knows but all we can do is let them continuously shoot themselves in both feet.. one stupid comment at a time.

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