Thanksgiving with the Cliftons

I guess when you are married to the man known for infidelity and bull shit statistics, one must live by a set of rules.

1. Never disagree with Merritt

Why is that? Go ahead and ask Merritt’s new wife’s son ….


Greg posted a picture of his children with a “Happy Thanksgiving” message onto the Facebook page of his infamous step father… It seems as if one of Beth’s children refuses to follow in his mothers footsteps and throw their family dogs under the bus and he’s paying the price for it. His own mother blocked him because her son- her flesh and blood- decided he didn’t want to hear Merritt’s regurgitated bull shit.


Maybe Beth doesn’t realize, but just because she married Merritt doesn’t mean her children have to accept him. Has she considered that maybe he doesn’t want that lying and notorious womanizer as his stepfather OR grandfather to his children? Considering the type of dogs Greg does own, maybe Greg is tired of Merritt classifying him as a KKK racist dog fighting piece of trash for owning pit type dogs?

Great mothering Beth, it’s either Merritt’s way or the highway…right?

12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with the Cliftons

  1. Well you know how the cult operates…NEVER EVER trust a pit bull owner even if they are family…those are the words of the cult leader herself..
    How digusting..sell your own son down the river for some grease all you have known for a few years.. …jesus!

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  2. So she said she gave him a fire extinguisher, but what she really gave him, is probably a knife, or gun, or a needle to do what she did to Trooper….kill her dog who has did nothing wrong. Like I have said before, they all want to kill all large dogs. Nothing more, or nothing less. Animal abusers, at their finest.

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  3. I imagine he’s happy to block her. If she’s dumb enough to not be involved in her own grandkid’s lives then it’s her loss. I would’ve shipped the fire extinguisher back & told her to shove it up her ass & then his. They always talk about this Steele hunting trap vice like grip. I have 3 pits & I can pry every one of them open when they eat grass, string, hell Fred eats anything not chained down! I got a Samsung Note 5, I dropped the stylus, & the next day I heard him bite the batch in half! And they have a wimpy bite.

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    1. Exactly.. follow ya lying deadbeat wanna be husband and throw ya kids away.. women like her should be shot. useless selfish and ugly inside.. son and his kids better of without her and the Mr not know it all.. revenge is a dish best served cold

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  4. He had the Sharpei pibble mix before she married Merritless. When all the bruhaha about Trooper started. She was stated the dog was well trained. She murdered Trooper. All the illnesses were treatable. Block your kids……over your lousy dirty spouse. She’s still an evil bitch.

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