Falling Apart at the Seams…

“Hate is the father of all evil.”

David Gemmell, Fall of Kings

Watching BSL Advocates awaken to the insanity in their own group is an awesome thing. Who hasn’t gone cross eyed with the constant copy/paste vomit from the king/queen of spam, Thomas McCartney? Even members of his own “party” have grown weary of his extreme behavior.

“The answer is that you ban all pit bull type dogs which are: American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers, American Bulldog, Bull mastiffs, dogo argentinos, fila brasieros, presa canarios, Japanese Tosa, cane corsos, Bandogs, rhodesian ridgebacks and their mixes and any dog generally recognized as a pit bull or pit bull terrier and includes a dog of mixed breed with predominant pit bull or pit bull terrier characteristics.”- Thomas McCartney

I think it’s important to notice his ever growing list of breeds that will fall under what should be banned and what should be considered a pit bull… and it seems as if this ever growing list is making members of the BSL crowd uncomfortable and it has opened a can of worms which a few members have learned by daring to have a difference opinion and to actually voice that opinion….

Why the Ridgeback? How many of them kill? are they really genetically related to pits?“- Sabra Steele

That’s a good question, Sabra… but you should have known better than to actually attempt to discuss common sense with the King/Queen of Spam…

Yes they are genetically related to the APBT and have the same genetic precursor as in the Ol English Bulldogge that was then mixed with an amalgam of breeds to create it and yes it has a reputation of killing, their numbers are small here they are common in South Africa, lets keep their numbers small here as in zero.“- Thomas McCartney

The Ridgebacks are classified as a hound..”- Sabra Steele

I don’t care what some kennel club classifies them as, all that matters is where they originated from and i stand by my comments and the facts”- Thomas McCartney

No, wait…. this convo gets better. A newbie has decided to put her two cents in and the whole convo blows up… read it for your self…

I will never be for regulation. I’m not going to look to the government or laws to protect me and mine. I do not like pushing laws and legislature, we have too much already. Everything is regulated, people still do bad things. The war on drugs is worthless, prostitution is illegal but still happens, you will never stop irresponsible people from breeding and raising these dogs because they are illogical and generally misled or dangerous individuals. I believe getting facts out there and educating people is the best course of action and I will never feel bad for killing a pitbull that threatens my farm nor have I ever felt sorry when one of my Pyrenees kills one. They should stay out of my fence, it’s there for their protection.“- Ashley Walker

…. now watch Thomas lose his ever loving mind….

….and lose it some more….

…….and now Merritt Clifton decides to jump in to protect his Spam buddy….


As if Sabra didn’t know who Clifton was…. but what’s even greater is watching these ladies hand Clifton’s ass to him on a silver platter…

Clifton doesn’t even know the breeds he’s throwing under the bus and those two ladies point that out…. and what does he say?


Get educated bitches….. I don’t know about you, but that’s freaking hilarious… now.. the icing on the cake…. watch Thomas go toe to toe with Billy….


Yeah Billy, Thomas says GET EDUCATED….You know, I dislike Billy- but I have to give him credit for growing a small pair of balls….


When push comes to shove…. Billy booted Thomas right off their playground…. I wonder what is next for the Spam King/Queen? Will Merritt acknowledge his ass being handed to him after telling those women to get educated after misidentifying his breeds of dogs? Guess we’ll find out…

7 thoughts on “Falling Apart at the Seams…

  1. OH SERIOUSLY!!!! Johnson grew some Johnson attachments and kicked Thomas/Darrin/Lori out!!! I must say I’m really quite surprised!!
    I loved loved loved Merrittless getting his a** handed to him, sanctimonious know-it-all/know-nothing-at-all wash out. That was awesomeness!!

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  2. So the grand poobah of dog attack stats doesnt know the difference between a frenchie and a french mastiff? Gee, why would anyone question the validity of his data? They have proven that not only can they not pick a pit bull out of a line up, they cant figure out several other breeds as well.

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  3. Don’t forget… French Bulldogs are also descended from bull baiting molossers, so, they also should be banned as they are descended from hundreds of thousands of purpose bred killer dogs and may go off and attack anyone at anytime because they have genes… Or something. I’m sure one of Thomas/Lori’s personalities can figure why they should be banned.

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  4. Hahahahahaha…what took them so long to figure out the peerless wonder is full of it is a mystery to me!
    And bye bye spam queen…I will miss you..SAID NO ONE EVER! LOL

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  5. This is sooooo classic! I started following it last night. They all make such asses out of themselves! So much for their “victims advocacy”!! They are their own worst enemies!

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