First Day of Christmas…

On the first day of Christmas,

An angry BSL Advocate sent to me….

A really angry, hateful email directed towards me.


Dear Kimberly,

This has to be the stupidest blog I’ve ever read.  This blog is so stupid and pointless that I have to check it daily to see what kind of stupid things that you are saying.

I really hope karma gets you. I hope your sh*t bull eats you one day and since you are so fat, it will be like he’s eating a Christmas ham. OH-WAIT A MINUTE! Did I tell you that you were fat? You are so fat and so ugly. So ugly just like your land shark.

Did I mention that zombies are soooo stuuuppiiid? Who even likes zombies? Nobody but mutant land shark owners. Don’t forget, you are fat. Like, you are so fat that if you sat on a rainbow skittles will pop out of your butt and then your mutant land shark will eat them… AND THEN EAT YOU.

I’m a Christian and God says to pray for everyone but I will pray that you get eaten by a pack of wild pit bulls that seem to be everywhere. The pit bull advocates like you are worse that ISIS! It’s a proven fact that all pit bull owners fight their dogs so that makes you a dog fighter.  Just in case I forget to tell you…. but put those cupcakes down because YOU ARE SO FAT… and ugly. Fugly.



A Very Pissed off BSL Advocate




 Dear Very Pissed off BSL Advocate,

I may be fat, but this fat girl can dance…

Now watch me whip (Kill it)
Now watch me nae nae (Okay)
Now watch me whip whip
Watch me nae nae (Want me do it?)

9 thoughts on “First Day of Christmas…

  1. I fell over laughing at the ” I’m a Christian ” Yep just like every Christian I know. Treat everyone like crap. Then Go to church and it’s all better. Christians and ISIS mirror image of each other.

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  2. It’s a wonder they did not say you had cooties also….lol My kids a toddlers, spoke better than this supposedly full grown adult…..What village is missing their idiot?

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  3. The only person you’ve mentioned not liking zombies is Bored Shit himself. He’s also been obsessed over your weight. Hmmmm….

    So only mutant land shark owners like zombies??? Really….I will have to inform my nephews, Australian Shepard owners; my friend Michelle, German Shepard owner; my neighbor on the corner, no pets. Besides, if my dog wers a mutant she would have her own movie by now.

    Thanks for the freaking ear worm.

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  4. It’s a proven fact that all pit bull owners fight their dogs ?

    Skittles rainbow ?

    This blog is so stupid she reads it every DAY ?

    I wonder who helps her with the big words ?

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  5. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! It’s a proven fact all pit bull owners fight their dogs!!?? REALLY??
    I can’t even get my lazy butt dog to fetch, are you kidding me with that?

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