How to Avoid “Victim Blaming”- According to BSL Advocates

Victim Blaming. According to BSL Advocates in the Dog hating, human hating community, victim blaming is a growing epidemic- like crack and is just as damaging. The question is- how do you know if you are victim blaming? Well, thanks to the endless amount of complaints by BSL advocates, we are here to help you waddle through the confusing and murky waters of understanding the BSL Advocates version of victim blaming.

Now, according to the real world-  the definition of Victim Blaming is pretty self explanatory.

” A social and psychological wherein the fault in a crime (rape, robbery, assault) is attributed to the victim.”

When it comes to our beloved BSL Advocates, it is a bit different and hopefully we can help you figure out how what BSL advocates mean when they cry victim blaming.

1. You are Victim Blaming if you Disagree with ANYTHING they Say.

mob.PNGDisagreeing is a big no-no in the BSL community and is usually met with name calling, threats, memes, social media stalking and being kicked out of all the uber super secret BSL I hate pit bulls and pit bull owner groups.  It doesn’t matter if what they told you makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They tell you the sky is green, you better agree that it’s the best version of green you’ve ever seen. If they tell you that a French Bordeaux is a pit bull, by all that is holy, you better agree,  because if you disagree with them you are victim blaming.

2. You are absolutely Victim Blaming if you point out THEIR Contradictions and Hypocrisy.


This is huge and incredibly difficult because BSL contradict themselves all the time. Here is a great example- “When a pit bull attacks it’s never the owners fault- but I hope you can sue the crap out of them.” or “Those nutters have all these fake profiles…….hold on why I log into my other fake profile to admin my hate page.” and of course “Those pit nutters are baby haters but we love children so much that we take pictures of children and make nasty meme’s and plaster them all over our hate pages…”

3. You are Victim Blaming if You Dare to Form Your Own Opinion and Think for Yourself.


Just.. don’t.  Don’t read an article and attempt to form your own thought on it. Don’t consider any outside sources than the 3 that they tell you to read (Animal 24-7, & Daxton’s Friends). Don’t question the mobs behavior, don’t refuse to change your mind, don’t let common sense over-ride bullshit and made up statistics, just nod your head and go with the mindless shuffle. The minute that don’t toe the line, you will be considered victim blaming.

Basically, simplified- Drink the Kool-Aid and question nothing and you will never be called a dreaded victim blamer.



3 thoughts on “How to Avoid “Victim Blaming”- According to BSL Advocates

  1. hahaha, and do not forget, the “I am really sorry for what happened to you, I know, I was attack/mauled by (insert any other breed but pit bull type), and I had to have plastic surgery, ect….then you are called a liar, and you are blaming the victim…lol It never ends with these people…

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  2. what first brought me to this blog was a link on Jeffy boys page that a neighbor emailed to me as ‘proof you have a murderer in your house’.

    This guy has another web page, since you know it has the same sorry backstory of his son being killed by a dog, but this other webpage makes out us mentally ill people to be even WORSE than the oh so dreadful pitbull. Believe it or not this guys posts stuff on us that makes what he posts about pitbulls seem rather tame, more like schoolyard bully. The guy is a Hate spreading fear monger. I’d like a chance to use my special talent on him, but hes too much of a pussy to face me.

    My special talent? pissing people off by using big words that sound like insults but aren’t, until they physically assault me. Works every freaking time.

    oh and he of course calls all pit lovers ‘dangerous schizophrenics’ on several occasions that I have seen. heres a good fact for you. mentally ill people are accountable for less than 5% of violent crimes in the US and are 33% more likely to be victimized.

    also according to an independent study by French researchers, ‘Bully breeds’ world wide account for only about 30% of fatal attacks. however, that group is quite large and includes about a third of all dog breeds. so that actually makes sense.

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