Stupid Sh*t Back Yard Breeders Say Part II

(( Warning…. Curse words will be used in this blog post.))

Honest to God folks….. BSL advocates and Back Yard Breeders are pretty much nose to nose when it comes to being some of the biggest pieces of crap that walk this earth. So, let me make my view /stance on back yard breeders clear:

Dear Backyard Breeders,


I’m writing to inform you that, you are a piece of shit. Not just a regular piece of shit, but like a HUGE steamy pile of shit. I’m not sure if you are aware, or if you actually care, but dogs are being killed daily in shelters because of people like you. I know, you think your unpapered unregistered mutt is SO AWESOME and rare, but the reality is… they aren’t.  Those cute little puppies are a dime a dozen and pieces of shit like you are breeding them every day.

It’s because of people like you that make fighting BSL so hard. Why you ask? Because people like you are flooding the shelters and the streets with genetic mish mashes that will end up with the label of pit bull and when one of your genetic mish mashes ends up in a shelter and gets euthanized… guess what? It just becomes another statistic. I get it, you don’t want to get real jobs and want to depend on your dogs to pay your rent and in your world, that seems norm… but in the real world, that makes you a big fucking pile of shit.

Get a job, fix your dogs and stop being piles of steamy shit.

stupid shit

Because…… there are not ENOUGH dogs out there being over bred, right? Makes total sense to breed some mutts together. How many puppies from this litter will end up in a shelter or rescue?


Translation: ” Thunder is going to pay my bills for me because I’m a piece of shit back yard breeder. 150.00 if you get off your lazy ass and come to me but I’ll charge you more if I have to get off my lazy ass and come to you!”


Right.. total hot shiz. I wonder if the shelters will think it’s hot shiz when the pups from this litter grace their kennels? Because that’s what the world needs, right? More mutts.


Sweet mother of cupcakes…. the rare PURPLE nosed pit bull. THANK THE GODS that she’s ready to breed her, right? Let that sink in…. PURPLE nosed pit bull.


Well, looks like Blocko can make a deal with her….


Aww… a back yard breeder charging low prices for his “unpapered” pooches because he makes you sign a contract…. what a swell back yard breeder. I’m curious.. if you return the dog years later… does he give you your money back?


400 bucks for a mutt? Whoop! Someone is making rent this month!


“Hey guys! How young can my dog be before I pimp him out for some fast cash? 6 months old is good? A Year? Shiiiit… as soon as their balls come in!”


“…….. nut sak uuseually…..”


4 thoughts on “Stupid Sh*t Back Yard Breeders Say Part II

  1. Not all who fall under the classification of ‘back yard breeder’ are like this. I do breed German Shepherd Husky mixes, myself, but not like these idiots who do two litters a year, and charge ridiculous prices for a mutt. My goal is establish a new breed of working/service dog. Smart and obedient like a German Shepherd, but strong and cold resistant like a husky. The final goal will be the New England Shepherd, a dog that can do police work, SAR (including tracking people lost in the snow and pulling them back on a sled) as well as being a good family pet, and service animal for people with disabilities. There is a huge difference between self proclaimed back yard breeders and those of us who do it for the benefit of man and dog.

    My dogs, the ones that are not going to be used to continue the line, are spayed and neutered BEFORE they leave. On top of that, I have an extensive back ground check for anyone taking one of my dogs. Oh and I only charge 450 for a pup, since the breed isn’t established so they are just ‘mutts’. 350 per when broken down by my expenses per pup, $40 for the initial vet visit, 25 for the wormings at 2,4,6,8, and 12 weeks, 125 for the spay (100 for the neuter), 150 for the microchipping and life long registration, 100 for the final health assessment (xrays, blood work, and full fecal) it adds up to 440 in expenses per pup, so my only profit is $10 on average.

    I make my living breeding and raising milking goats and Black Angus cattle.

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