Jeff Borchardt & Craig Brown- Stalking on Demand



If you listen closely, you will hear the buzzing of bitterness deep within the hive of BSL craziness. One of those voices seething with bitterness is the infamous Jeff Borchardt. Why is he bitter now? What could have possibly triggered his predictable temper tantrum?

A insightful, beautifully written New York Times best seller book that dares to speak the truth and filled with facts about pit bulls.


A book that destroyed anything and everything written by BSL Advocates. A book that confronts the inaccuracy of “statistics” by the notorious Merritt Clifton, who for some reason declined to actually back up his “statistics” when the author contacted to him give him a chance to back up his facts. A book that is supported, enjoyed and loved by professionals and experts… something that no BSL advocate has yet to ever achieve. It’s not like they haven’t tried- I mean,  J Thomas Beasley attempted to write a book, Misunderstood Nanny dogs, unfortunately for BSL advocates it sank faster than the titanic. I suppose the world wasn’t ready for a cut & paste printed copy of, but it shows the glaring difference between a well researched book (like Dickey’s) and a hack job like Beasley.

So yes, Borchardt and his fellow morons have a lot to be bitter about and true to form, the founder of Daxton’s Friends  resorts to his typical behavior…. sending out the stalkers and one in particular, Mr. Craig Brown.  It’s not like Craig Brown is new to the stalker world, in fact, he reeeeaaallly enjoys stalking people and children. Yes, you read that right- Mr. Craig Brown enjoys stalking children.


It’s his love for stalking that Borchardt knew that Brown was the best man to send to stalk and harass Bronwen Dickey at her book reading/signing which he happily did.


Even AFTER he was removed and the police had been dispatched because of his harassment and stalking, he found it necessary to attempt to pass out Daxton’s Friends fliers provided by Jeff Borchardt.

I can’t help but find the false bravado from Borchardt to be somewhat amusing. While he sits behind his keyboard in his little town in Wisconsin, always bragging about he’ll face any pit bull owner anywhere to “educate” them on his views, both him, I and a certain media group now just how false that really is.



In attempt to set it out all on the table, I encouraged a face to face  with Borchardt to be aired on a cable network channel. I even agreed to fly to his little hell hole and buy the jobless man a cup a coffee while we discussed our differences of views. I thought for sure, the man who keeps pounding his little chest and proclaiming how he would set pit bull owners straight in a face to face would absolutely jump at the chance to “educate” me with his “facts”…. surprisingly, he declined. Here was this platform with access to millions and he refused. I even agreed with producers to not to write about his growing incoherent online rants for a bit and he still chickened out. At the end of the day Borchardt showed his true colors and yellow fits him.

While I’m sure that Ms. Dickey will never have to worry about Borchardt ever growing the balls to ever face her one day, it’s no secret he will send his stalker buddies just like Brown to follow her and harass her at every opportunity.


…. and if they can’t physically stalk her, they will make sure to stalk her online also.



Welcome to the world of BSL advocates….

To Kill on Demand


It’s no secret that BSL advocates brag about finding ways to kill innocent healthy dogs, especially those that they consider “pit bull type”dogs and BSL advocate Lori Janusky from Franklin TN. is no different.  A young woman made a irresponsible and horrible post:


…and it didn’t take long for BSL advocate and well known online harasser Jenny Pollman (just one of the many back yard breeders of “bird dogs” in the BSL advocacy…) to find it and post it in the hate group The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed run by Jeff Borchardt (Founder of non- profit group Daxton’s Friends) and buddy William Johnson.

It didn’t take long for Lori Janusky to chime in with her solution:


Instead of finding homes or surrendering the puppies, Lori Janusky suggests something even more vile: the euthanization of the litter of puppies based off the assumed breed alone.

Even making a point that she has a vet who will willingly euthanize a litter of puppies based off “her word”. A “one way trip to her vet”. It makes me wonder… exactly who is this vet that is allegedly euthanizing dogs that Lori claims she takes to that vet?

“She could have brought them here to me – I certainly as a rescuer would have taken them and give them a one way ride to my vet. And would have reached out had I seen this earlier.”

Who is Lori Janusky? Lori Janusky offers Pet training and sitting services in Franklin TN. It makes me wonder…. are there lost “pit bull type” dogs in Franklin TN? Has she pretended to adopt “pit bull” puppies from families, rescues and shelters and taken them to her “vet” and had them euthanized?

Either way, information has been sent to the multiple rescues in Franklin TN to find out if she has either adopted puppies or dogs and the information of her “rescuing” and the “one way trips to the vets”.

Just Kill ‘Em All…

How would BSL advocates clear out the shelters filled with adoptable pets?


“Euthanizing all shelter animals.”, Daxton’s Friends board member Tony Solesky shares. Just kill ’em all and start over solution that Solesky shares and not surprisingly his fellow board member at Daxton’s Friends supports this disgusting solution to over crowded shelters.

Once again, the one solution BSL advocates offer is death.

How to Avoid “Victim Blaming”- According to BSL Advocates

Victim Blaming. According to BSL Advocates in the Dog hating, human hating community, victim blaming is a growing epidemic- like crack and is just as damaging. The question is- how do you know if you are victim blaming? Well, thanks to the endless amount of complaints by BSL advocates, we are here to help you waddle through the confusing and murky waters of understanding the BSL Advocates version of victim blaming.

Now, according to the real world-  the definition of Victim Blaming is pretty self explanatory.

” A social and psychological wherein the fault in a crime (rape, robbery, assault) is attributed to the victim.”

When it comes to our beloved BSL Advocates, it is a bit different and hopefully we can help you figure out how what BSL advocates mean when they cry victim blaming.

1. You are Victim Blaming if you Disagree with ANYTHING they Say.

mob.PNGDisagreeing is a big no-no in the BSL community and is usually met with name calling, threats, memes, social media stalking and being kicked out of all the uber super secret BSL I hate pit bulls and pit bull owner groups.  It doesn’t matter if what they told you makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They tell you the sky is green, you better agree that it’s the best version of green you’ve ever seen. If they tell you that a French Bordeaux is a pit bull, by all that is holy, you better agree,  because if you disagree with them you are victim blaming.

2. You are absolutely Victim Blaming if you point out THEIR Contradictions and Hypocrisy.


This is huge and incredibly difficult because BSL contradict themselves all the time. Here is a great example- “When a pit bull attacks it’s never the owners fault- but I hope you can sue the crap out of them.” or “Those nutters have all these fake profiles…….hold on why I log into my other fake profile to admin my hate page.” and of course “Those pit nutters are baby haters but we love children so much that we take pictures of children and make nasty meme’s and plaster them all over our hate pages…”

3. You are Victim Blaming if You Dare to Form Your Own Opinion and Think for Yourself.


Just.. don’t.  Don’t read an article and attempt to form your own thought on it. Don’t consider any outside sources than the 3 that they tell you to read (Animal 24-7, & Daxton’s Friends). Don’t question the mobs behavior, don’t refuse to change your mind, don’t let common sense over-ride bullshit and made up statistics, just nod your head and go with the mindless shuffle. The minute that don’t toe the line, you will be considered victim blaming.

Basically, simplified- Drink the Kool-Aid and question nothing and you will never be called a dreaded victim blamer.



Triggers: What Prompts a BSL Advocate to Attack.

1.PNG – We’ve placed together a list of BSL Advocate attack triggers, routine activities that launch a BSL Advocate into a full-fledged attack. Due to selective inbreeding for the purposes of spreading ignorance and hate– BSL Advocates were artificially selected to attack unpredictably, to “type super fast and stalk multiple internet sites at one time,” and to hide warning signals before an attack — the BSL Advocate  often demonstrates “hair trigger” explosive rounds of verbal diarrhea.

Known Triggers that Prompt a BSL Attack: 



Global Pandemic is on the Horizon:




Let’s face it, attacks from BSL are on the rise. According to our residential math expert, Merrit Senseless writes, “BSL advocate attacks have risen 779% in the past year, that is about 1 BSL Advocate attack per minute. We are looking at a global pandemic and it’s not going to get any better soon until we start pleading the CDC to start taking these attacks from BSL Advocates seriously.”

The Invasion and What you can do to Stop it.


Thanks to social media and internet providers, attacks from BSL Advocates can happen anywhere and at anytime. In a perfect world, the only way to 100% prevent an attack from a BSL advocate is to unplug your life, deactivate your Facebook, twitter and whatever social media platform you use, destroy your cellphone with a sledgehammer and crawl into a cave, but studies have that crawling is in fact just another trigger that can set of the ticking time bomb (AKA the BSL Advocate.).  You may not beable to prevent an attack, but you CAN take control and boot that BSL Advocate right back to the Land of Morons.

How you ask? Simple…. just follow these steps:

How to Deal with an Aggressive BSL Advocate in 4 easy steps.

  1. Remember… you are not alone.
5.3 million people or more are just like you. Living life with a happy, well adjusted pit bull and living life to the fullest. Strength in numbers… and that one thing BSL advocates lack.
2.  Get to Know your Block button.
Block ’em and move on. Any attention, including negative, is great for them. Think of them like gremlins… what’s the rule? Don’t feed them after midnight? Well, for BSL Advocates it’s like that… don’t feed them any form of attention and eventually they will slither back to their groups upset that they couldn’t get a rise from you.
3. Laugh your Ass off.
All of the steps are important, but this probably is one of the most important. BSL advocates will say and do the most horrible and disgusting things with one goal in mind: To ruin your day. That’s what they want to do. They live and breath the idea of ruining your day and spend hours finding ways to do it and the moment you give them that satisfaction… they go in for the kill.  Laugh. LOL allll you want. LMFAO if you want to.. the minute you point and laugh and show just how ignorant they are, they know they have lost the fight.  Humor will be your greatest tool, better than any breakstick out there.
4. Live your Life.
Keep living your life just the way that makes you happy, because you can be positive that those grumpy BSL Advocates are not enjoying theirs and are choking on their envy.



Who Doesn’t Hate a Fake Story?

Who doesn’t hate fake stories? Everyone, right? But who really hates being busted on sharing a fake story thinking it was real? BSL Advocates…. that’s who. Honestly, I laughed so hard when I watched this unfold and you probably will too….

So, this morning a Mr. Borchardt decided to tag me on a post that he posted. I would link it here for you, but sadly, he deleted it minutes later HOWEVER, I was quick to grab a screen shot of it…


….. can you imagine what they had to type in google to find this fake story? He was SO EXCITED to tag me in this post…. so excited that it had to be shared on their hate group


RIGHT? WTF is exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you see this and they are ready to start rambling on about their bestiality obsessions…


Eh…. the only ones that has the sick bestiality fantasies come from the DBO side. How many times do I have to keep busting them for talking about it all the time and again that makes me ask.. WHO THE HELL GOOGLES THIS STUFF?!!?!?!


Yep, He really hates they do these fake stories, especially when he tries to engage me in something only to have to delete it because he didn’t FACT check it to make sure it was a valid story in the first place.