It’s alright to really write what you are thinking…

It really is alright to write what you are thinking, really it is. Sometimes the best message that you can share is full of sincerity and honesty that can only come from the bottom of your heart and this is exactly what I’m about to do.

So, from the bottom of my heart and I sincerely mean this: Fuck you PETA.  Fuck you right in the ear. Which ear, you ask? Does it really matter? Left, right? Heck, let’s go for both since I’m feeling generous.

I mean, it’s no secret how I feel about PETA and it’s really no secret how PETA feels about anything that could possibly be labeled a pit bull, but as usual, they have sunk to a new low. Just recently, the piece of shit  Mayor, a Mr. Denis Coderre expressed his glee as he created and pushed a ban that possibly is just as bad, if not worse than the Denver ban. As Mr. Coderre rubs his fat grubby hands in anticipation of killing thousands of innocent dogs sitting in shelters and ultimately killing family pets of people that might not be able to afford following this outrageous and inhumane law, PETA has swooped in like the vulture that they are and are celebrating the  mass euthanization that will be happening.

I kid you not folks… PETA’s online article starts with the most assinite title ever:

“Why People Who Care About Pit Bull Welfare Support Breed Protection”

I don’t know who they think they are fooling and really, you should be offended that PETA thinks that you, the average citizen, are that dumb to not realize what their version of “breed protection” really means. Come on PETA, you sneaky devil… we know you really just mean “breed specific legislation“. I know that PETA likes to portray pit bull types as these horribly abused dogs, which in fairness, some are, there isn’t a doubt about that but what they don’t tell you after writing a little line like this: “-remember Michael Vick?” just how those horribly abused dogs from Michael Vick’s property have grown into amazing, inspiring and loving dogs. I wonder why PETA didn’t mention that? Well, why would they? They are to busy cheering for Montreal. I wouldn’t be surprised if PETA isn’t loading up some death on wheel vans with an intent to drive right up to Montreal and help with some euthanizations, considering PETA’s fearless murdering leader has already shared how she loved to come in early to euthanize some innocent animals before her actual work day started.



Honestly, beneath the anger, I’m sad. I’m sad that Montreal’s mayor and PETA have taken it upon themselves to blacken humanity with their discriminate hate and blood thirst. I’m saddened by the fact that soon, dog after dog, puppies to the elderly pooches will have their lives snuffed out for no reason what so ever. Has killing innocent dogs EVER prevented dog attacks? Nope and that’s a fact. Why is that, you ask? Because irresponsible dog ownership doesn’t discriminate. Irresponsible dog owners don’t care and they have hundreds of breeds to chose from. An irresponsible owner of ANYTHING won’t be affected by this, just like irresponsible gun owners won’t be affected by tougher laws, sex offenders won’t care about harsher penalties, drug dealers absolutely did not care about the Regans “Just say no to drugs” campaign…. you get the drift. You know who will be affected? Families. Responsible dog owners, FUTURE responsible dog owners and we can’t forget about that. The next generation. Our children, who could be stepping into a Montreal shelter to adopt a dog like what they had as a child and find not one single one there, why? Because PETA and Coderre killed them all.

The Borchardt Blame Game- Who Really is to Blame?

Who is to blame when it comes to a fatal dog attack? Bessie Flowers, 86 years old and brutally mauled by her daughters two “pit bull” dogs. Two dogs that have had numerous complaints about aggression issues.


“Neighbors told WCCB that the animals had shown aggressive behavior in the past and had warned authorities about them.

One male neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said: ‘There have been two incidents with those dogs. They attacked other dogs here. No one has done anything about it. I constantly told people that they are going to kill someone.’

Police records show that officers were called to the home once before in 2013 to reports of two aggressive animals, but the reports were not substantiated.”



Most “normal” people would look at the dog owner who obviously continued to own two dogs with previous aggression issues, however there is nothing “normal” when it comes to the bizarre behavior of Borchardt, the founder of Daxton’s Friends (the alleged “educational site” with zero educational material.).  Who does Borchardt blame for this horrible preventable tragedy?

A bunch of random strangers. Strangers that have absolutely no connection to the victim or the victim’s family. Strangers that had zero influence on the behavior of the dogs. That doesn’t matter to Borchardt, because it’s EVERYONES fault.  It’s YOUR fault! It’s that random person’s fault! It’s that homeless man’s fault! It’s hollywoods fault! It’s all of the veterinarians fault! The police departments fault! It’s Obamas fault!


Typical cowardly Borchardt fashion, he take the blame game a step further and encourages the online harassment of a woman (key word… woman) who dared to speak out against his childish tirade:


… and guess who is liking each disgusting and vile comment?


This is just another glaring example of why BSL is fundamentally flawed, because the focus is more about the humans and very little about the dogs and BSL advocates prove this every single day. They have made sure that breed specific legislation encourages discrimination (against the dog owners), it encourages racism (against the dog owners), it glorifies sexism and misogyny (against the dog owners) and educates unstable individuals in ways to hurt/kill/maim both animal and humans. The Breed Specific Legislation advocacy has becomes this festering cesspool of fear, hate and violence and that is the environment that they love.


Thank God we won’t stay silent and we will always speak louder than their hate… which scares them very, very, very much.


The Agenda

The main agenda of BSL advocates is to successfully find ways to kill pit bulls and BSL advocate and member of The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed Katrina Chilton shows us exactly how it is done.


Katrina went to Winnebago County Animal Shelter and adopted, while she claims in the TPBPMR that she was “duped” the pictures tell a different story, not to mention, if you research the adoptable dogs from  Winnebago County Animal Shelter, they seems to be very open about the breed of dogs that are sitting in their shelter…


Chilton claims that she keeps her “red nosed pit bull” in a cage almost 24/7. Aggression issues? Not really according to her, just “some of the time.” Although, who wouldn’t have behavioral issues being locked in a cage all day long? She openly admits that she doesn’t even let him out of the cage until her boyfriend gets home, which is from 10 am until 11 pm.  13 hours locked in a cage.   Can you imagine being locked in a cage for 13 hours?


As usual, BSL advocates such as Jeff Borchardt, Stacy Westover and Harve Morgan are ignoring the apparent animal abuse and are more than happy to assists in finding “solutions” for the poor dog.


What are their suggestions?

  1. Have a vet euthanize a dog by lying about it’s environment, temperament and behavioral issues.
  2. Take it to another humane society that WILL euthanize it based off the lies of Chilton.
To Gain Popularity?


Katrina  Chilton is no stranger to the beliefs of the TPBPMR, considering she has been a member for over a year now. Did she adopt this dog with the idea of eventually euthanizing it for the BSL movement?

emergency11It seems as if the dog was not a big issue in Novemeber,  considering she felt it wasn’t any threat to her child as she allowed the dog to sit on her child restrained in a car seat while the car was moving… even laughing about it and posting it on social media.


Let’s not forget to show the cute video of the puppy playing…


Either way, Winnebago Shelter has been notified of the intent to destroy a dog that has been a victim of self admitted neglect and they can sort it out. Either, she’s full of shit and lying to gain brownie points in a obvious disgusting and foul movement or she really is keeping a dog caged for 13 hours a day and causing irreversible damage to a helpless animal.



An Open Letter

::::: This wonderful written letter wasn’t written by me, but by an awesome friend and a powerful advocate. I feel blessed sharing her words..::::::


An open letter to anyone who thinks pit bull type dogs are inherently bad and should be banned:

You say these dogs don’t deserve love and a chance to live happy lives. You say all dogs who look a certain way should pay the ultimate price because a dog somewhere else who looks that way has done something. You think that we who love and responsibly care for our blocky headed dogs called “pit bulls” should be punished and blamed for incidents that don’t even involve our dogs. You need to know something, We who are responsible, intelligent, respectable members of communities are the majority of who share their lives with these “pit bulls” whom you hate and discriminate against. As hard as you fight to ban and silence our dogs, we will fight 100 times harder because our dogs are deserving of the wonderful lives we give them. We do not want the continued over breeding, fighting, abusive actions to continue and regardless of what poisonous lies you attempt to spew to anyone who will listen,  we speak out against those travesties but we also speak out against you, because you aim to do as much harm to our dogs as the back yard breeders, fighters and abusers do. We are the majority and we and our blocky headed dogs are not disappearing. Quite the contrary, we join together in love and support for our dogs and love always wins over hate.
A life long advocate and responsible dog parent

Toddler hood and Pit Bulls

Toddlers. I have no idea why toddlers are not named as one of the “wonders of the world.” There is no other person, besides a toddler who morph through so many conflicting emotions in a 5 minute period than a toddler.  Having a sane and safe household with a toddler takes work, throwing a family pet in the mix takes even MORE work but it can be done and done successfully.


It really does break my heart when I hear about dog attacks involving children, especially toddlers. It breaks my heart even more when I find out just how preventable those attacks were. Two lives ruined and possibly years of physical and emotional trauma inflicted on the child and in many circumstances, could have been avoided. When it comes to a toddler, any size dog has the potential to be dangerous and deadly. From the fearless Chihuahua and to our beloved pit bulls, you can never look at them and feel that they can not inflict harm, because that is the first step into a dog bite waiting to happen.

Dog bites are a big health problem, but one that is largely preventable

Regardless of the breed of dog a family chooses, the same rules apply across the table for all family pets in the household. In my household, we have two dogs, Gustavo (Jr.) a small mixed breed and Scrappy, a pit bull mix and the same rules apply for both of them. My toddler, like any other toddler is all about touching, poking, prodding, looking, hugging, touching, climbing and jumping on pretty much anything in her path, dogs included if it was allowed.  Teaching her to respect Gustavo as much as Scrappy is important, because I want it ingrained in her mind that regardless the size of the dog, it is important to respect the animal. I know I am not the only one that see’s videos and pictures of toddlers carrying around small dogs, parents oohing and awwwwing in the background and I know I am not the only one that physically cringes when I watch those, but I don’t think enough parents are cringing enough.

Preventing dog attacks on our children starts by wanting to prevent ALL dog attacks and not just certain dog attacks by certain breeds and I’m amazed at how BSL advocacies just skip over that, but it’s refreshing to see how many non-profit advocacies are picking up the ball and working on preventing just that.

Most experts report that about half of dog bites are from a dog that the child may be familiar with, either the family’s own dog or that of a neighbor.

Out of the Pits, a non-profit out of Albany New York offers programs to help reteach families just that. Elementary and Secondary school programs and owner counseling that can help families help and their pit bulls succeed.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that pit bulls, just like toddlers are a lot of hard work, but as we watch our children grow up with their family pit bull, installing education and training for both of them, we are sending out a better human into the adult world when they move out to conquer the world, at least that is what I’m doing and I know I’m not alone. My children and my dogs are not a statistic, because I refuse to let that happen. I refuse to be the parent that stands behind a camera and videos a dog being a jerk to my child and I refuse to be the parent video taping my child being a jerk to a dog.


Dog bite prevention begins at home. It begins with  common sense and a non profits like Out of the Pits reaching out to the community to help provide education, training and help for families. At the end of the day,  it all depends on what is most important to you. As for myself, keeping my family safe and watching them grow up and be amazing adults as they take over the world is what is important… and that goes for every member of my family, from the two legged to the four legged…. and the dinosaurs in between.




When Pet Ownership Goes Horribly Wrong


Honest to Pete…. Some people should never, ever, ever, EVER be allowed to be responsible for another life, whether it be for humans or animals. I’m getting to the point that people should be screened and licensed before they are granted with the privilege of caring for another living soul. Let’s face it- some of the greatest examples of human negligence involves the inability to care for children and pets. Sometimes it’s one OR the other but it’s becoming more common that these cases are involving children AND the pet and many times, some of those cases turn out deadly.


So, according to this mother, the dog put the toddler in the bath and then forced the mother to go outside and get the mail- leaving the two year old unsupervised in the bath THEN decided to lock that poor mom out ON PURPOSE. It’s totally not the mom’s fault, right? What would have happened if that two year old would have drowned? It’s not like two year olds don’t have a history of drowning in water unsupervised….oh wait. They do.



……If your dog eats broken glass- jumping on Facebook and asking stupid questions should not be your first choice. How about picking your dog up, putting it in the car, putting yourself in the car and DRIVING TO YOUR VET? Would you ask that same question if your child decided to make a snack out of broken glass?


“Such a great cat! I let my two year old body slam him, sit on him, treat him like a piece of shit and the great cat has never tried to defend it self!” says this candidate for a horrible mother of the year. You know how children learn how to respect animals? From their parents. This is exactly why children get attacked by the “loving” family pets, because parents think it’s cute when their children treat the family pet like their punching bag. It’s great the cat didn’t rip the child’s face off, but now that the mom let their son traumatize the cat, it’s a good guess that the next family won’t be so lucky if they have a toddler.


What the hell is an unplanned heat? If your dog isn’t fixed then you have to know that a heat is coming at some point. Let me guess, this lovely back yard breeder had no clue that if they put their unaltered male great dane with their unaltered female that’s in heat would equal to ….. PUPPIES! With shelters bursting at the seams with puppies and dogs, what’s another 6 babies?


Since I know my BSL advocate fan club like to stalk this blog (Everyone wave Hiiiii!!!) I want them to pay close attention to this picture. Is this okay with you? Is this responsible parenting and dog ownership? Let’s look at the picture a moment- so, the dog has a cone around his head, which might mean he had some kind of medical procedure?  Could the dog not be in his right mind due to pain or medication? Could that change his normal behavior? Alter how he reacts normally? Now put a small child’s face in it. If that dog were to bite, where would it bite? The face? Of course. It would rip that child’s face open. That dog could easily kill that child- and who’s fault would that be? The dog’s? The child’s or the Parents? Obviously the moron taking the picture.

This is why children become statistics when it comes to dog attacks. Children become statistics because the adults make poor decisions when it comes supervising the interactions between dogs and children. Can someone tell me how BSL would prevent this child from being bit? Please explain to me Jeff Borchardt of Daxton’s Friends how BSL will protect this child from becoming a fatality? I’m sorry- what’s that? BSL isn’t supposed to prevent dog bites from all dogs just a select few? Oh that’s right! BSL isn’t about promoting or educating the public about actual dog safety. BSL isn’t about stopping or teaching families how to prevent dog attacks from all dogs….



I think it’s incredibly important that none of these animals are what BSL advocates would consider “pit bulls” ( well- unless it bit a person, then it could be passed off as part pit bull…). Irresponsible dog ownership and negligence go hand in hand and it’s not breed specific. For every example of irresponsible and negligent dog ownership that involves a pit bull type dog I can easily find one that is not pit bull related and this is exactly why BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) is such a total failure. Irresponsible ownership, back yard breeding and negligence is not breed specific. From those pesky ankle biters to the 200 lb hulking dogs that have children riding them because parents think it’s soooo cute. You can’t even call BSL a temporary band aid because it doesn’t address the real issue. The majority of dog attacks are caused by human failure. If you look at each and every dog attack or animal attack you will find that humans where the core issue.


The problem of strays? Totally human fault. It’s no brainer that the majority of issues involving domestic animals stem from human stupidity. When are we going to stop asking animals to fix the messes that WE created?  If you want to be a pet owner, you should be licensed. You should be screened. You should be held responsible. Animals are not disposable. Our pets should enhance our lives and we should enhance their lives. I remember a blogger getting mad at pet owners that consider their pets their children and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what got her undies in such a bunch. If you decide to take on the responsibility of having children or having pets OR having both you have to take it seriously. The bottom line is- our pets are animals and animals have the capability to maim and kill, no matter the size. As parents, it’s our responsibility to do everything in our power to keep our children safe and as pet owners, it’s our responsibility to keep our animals safe and that starts with regulating and holding the human behind the animal responsible. It’s obvious not everyone should own a pet and we need to stop letting animals fall into those hands.

Look at the Scoreboard Baby….


It’s a perfect start to a day when you get to see BSL Advocates get their bitter asses handed to them with a bitch slap fueled with positivity.  Check out this message from Chad Gabriel to the creepy BSL stalkers- it’s perfection!

“You ain’t gonna change anything….”

Truer words have never been spoken. BSL Advocates will never evolve. BSL advocates will always be in this frozen stage of hatred with no possibility of growth. It’s a sad existence but it’s a existence they willingly chose to invest in. They chose to harass and stalk people. They chose to purposefully venture out and engage in conflict with people who own dogs they don’t like- yet then cry like a bunch of whine bags when their asses are handed to them (Michelle C Ryan, Jeff Borchardt, Lisa Gonzales, William Johnson,  Rachel Simas… yes, this is directed right at you.).


Michelle C Ryan likes to visit pro pit bull sites. Michelle C Ryan likes to visit these sites to start arguments with pit bull owners. Michelle C Ryan admits she likes to purposefully seek out pit bull owners to argue with. Poor Michelle C Ryan- she gets her feelings hurt when people tell her kindly to go f@ck off. Why is this? Oh right- she feels that millions of people owe her. You know, the Borchardt slogan- “It’s everyone’s fault!”  It’s crappy that Michelle C Ryan lost a child, but what’s crappier is that she’s stuck in this frozen state of stupidity. She’s stuck in this destructive “everyone owes me” state of mind and she has no intention of evolving. Which is fine- that’s her right, but if she wants to search for a fight, she can’t cry when she finds one and gets her ass handed to her. I can only hope that she grows up one day, but knowing the BSL Advocacy, growth is not their purpose and this is what the public is noticing.

Have you noticed who has to go to extreme measures to force people to look at their nonsense? I’ve never seen an advocacy that has to push so much hate and fear to try to get people to change their views, like I’ve seen the BSL advocacy do. Daxton Friends probably should be careful, especially considering there are restrictions that are placed on a 501c status.  For example, the following activities are prohibited:

• Inurement to a private shareholder or individual
• Extreme cases of excessive benefit transactions   • Political activity

How many times have we heard Jeff Borchardt, Founder of Daxton’s Friends attempt to reach out to politicians on behalf of Daxton’s Friends? Can we really forget the letter from Daxton’s Friends to Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan begging for BSL?


If anything, as a tax paying citizen, I’m concerned that Daxton’s Friends is yet another fraudulent attempt in raising funds strictly for personal means. As of this date, Daxton’s Friends has yet to fulfill its core statement- providing zero educational material or programs in preventing dog bites and investing in community safety. According to the IRS:

“A section 501(c)(3) organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, such as the creator or the creator’s family, shareholders of the organization, other designated individuals, or persons controlled directly or indirectly by such private interests. No part of the net earnings of a section 501(c)(3) organization may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. A private shareholder or individual is a person having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization.”

According to their own financial claims, in 2014- the amount of income for Daxton’s Friends is a big fat ZERO and the founders the Borchardts have been unwilling to provide any public information about their non-profit besides the obfuscated material on their personal web-site.


It’s almost as if they are attempting to hide the information by non-disclosure- however, they have been very public in their fundraising as seen here:

Launching Fund Raiser -2014

The Daxton’s Friends Store – 2014


Yankee Candle-2014


The Borchardts brags openly about donations “pouring in” since the launch of their scam non-profit yet is not reporting any income. Considering Jeff Borchardt is unemployed with the exception of a few low paid DJ jobs, it’s a no brainer to figure out why victims reaching out for FINACIAL assistance are being turned away with a pat on the back and the Borchardts telling the victims “Times are tough on all of us…”.

It will be interesting if Daxton’s Friends discloses their expenditures for 2015. So far, they have racked up at anywhere between 600 to 3,000 dollars for their bus stop ads and anywhere between 1,500 to 30,000 dollars for a 4 week period for their billboard. Let’s not forget their low grade ads in random news papers…. either way, it’s no wonder that Daxton’s Friends have no funding for the actual victims or education.  At the end of the day, it will come down to just how honest Daxton’s Friends is to the IRS and to the public, which I have this sneaky suspicion that honesty is not on their agenda. According to the Borchardts, it’s not the publics right to know exactly how a non profit is receiving money or spending it- much less if they are following the guidelines of a 501c set forth by the IRS, but the clock is ticking and we all know tax time is always around the corner, I wonder if Daxton’s Friends is prepared…. I know many organizations will be interested to see if the numbers match.

If you feel that Daxton’s Friends has engaged in Direct Lobbying– like when Daxton’s Friends and the Borchardts encourages BSL Advocates to write letters to legislators supporting BSL and directing them to use or contact Daxton’s Friends to influencee their decisions- go ahead and let the IRS know just how concerned you are by filing a complaint with the IRS. Let them know that fraudulent tax exempt charities like Daxton’s Friends are not welcome.


Come on Borchardts, what are you hiding? Let the public know just how much of your funds are going to attempting to influence politicians to support BSL & BANS while ignoring the needs of your followers?