How to Avoid “Victim Blaming”- According to BSL Advocates

Victim Blaming. According to BSL Advocates in the Dog hating, human hating community, victim blaming is a growing epidemic- like crack and is just as damaging. The question is- how do you know if you are victim blaming? Well, thanks to the endless amount of complaints by BSL advocates, we are here to help you waddle through the confusing and murky waters of understanding the BSL Advocates version of victim blaming.

Now, according to the real world-  the definition of Victim Blaming is pretty self explanatory.

” A social and psychological wherein the fault in a crime (rape, robbery, assault) is attributed to the victim.”

When it comes to our beloved BSL Advocates, it is a bit different and hopefully we can help you figure out how what BSL advocates mean when they cry victim blaming.

1. You are Victim Blaming if you Disagree with ANYTHING they Say.

mob.PNGDisagreeing is a big no-no in the BSL community and is usually met with name calling, threats, memes, social media stalking and being kicked out of all the uber super secret BSL I hate pit bulls and pit bull owner groups.  It doesn’t matter if what they told you makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They tell you the sky is green, you better agree that it’s the best version of green you’ve ever seen. If they tell you that a French Bordeaux is a pit bull, by all that is holy, you better agree,  because if you disagree with them you are victim blaming.

2. You are absolutely Victim Blaming if you point out THEIR Contradictions and Hypocrisy.


This is huge and incredibly difficult because BSL contradict themselves all the time. Here is a great example- “When a pit bull attacks it’s never the owners fault- but I hope you can sue the crap out of them.” or “Those nutters have all these fake profiles…….hold on why I log into my other fake profile to admin my hate page.” and of course “Those pit nutters are baby haters but we love children so much that we take pictures of children and make nasty meme’s and plaster them all over our hate pages…”

3. You are Victim Blaming if You Dare to Form Your Own Opinion and Think for Yourself.


Just.. don’t.  Don’t read an article and attempt to form your own thought on it. Don’t consider any outside sources than the 3 that they tell you to read (Animal 24-7, & Daxton’s Friends). Don’t question the mobs behavior, don’t refuse to change your mind, don’t let common sense over-ride bullshit and made up statistics, just nod your head and go with the mindless shuffle. The minute that don’t toe the line, you will be considered victim blaming.

Basically, simplified- Drink the Kool-Aid and question nothing and you will never be called a dreaded victim blamer.



…. And they never stop….

Seriously folks…


What a shining example of a “victims advocacy”… right? I mean, they care so much about this grieving family that they are pulling half baked theories right out of their ass…


…. A blunt force trauma now could have killed her? So, according to these bumbling morons the dogs didn’t kill her?


Just making shit up as they go…. Now, everyone agrees that the whole suicide ruling is a bunch of crap BUT no one with a brain cell thinks she was murdered by her fiance’…. which explains why BSL Advocates have jumped to this conclusion.


Just pulling shit right out of their ass…

Are you sure?


Poor Aimee, she has a Great Dane that caught one of her ducks. Is it reeeaaalllly a reat Dane? According to Aimee- it sure is! Although, according to DBO moron Clarice, her Great Dane has magically turned into a PIT BULL!


Poor Aimee, she’s about to engage with the DBO Dog Breed Identifying Experts…


Oh, Aimee… I know you are not an idiot and I’m pretty sure you would know what your dogs are….


But… I think your fellow DBO members doubt you know what your own dogs are…


You know… That white dog in the blurry picture, According to Nancy- DBO Expert Dog Breed Identifier it could be part pit bull!


Are you sure Aimee? Are you really for sure??


I have this sneaky feeling they don’t believe Aimee….


It could be a conspiracy! Maybe Aimee was duped! Somehow, Aimee the avid BSL advocate doesn’t know her own dogs!?


Jeffery just can’t see the aussie in the white dog on the couch in the blurry picture….


Gee Aimee… Aren’t DBO members such great friends?

::::::: UPDATE::::::

Normally I don’t add onto a blog post… But seriously folks, those morons over at The Pit Bull Propaganda are STILL trying to convince Aimee has no clue what her dog is….

This is Aimee’s questionable dog…

Ears like a pit bull…?

Hold on… Nancy is going to google:

Google… The training tool of DBO Expert Breed Identifiers everywhere.

Sorry Aimee…. They believe your non pit bull dogs are pit bulls.

Strippers, Topless “Reporters” and Felons, OH MY!

Criminals, drug addicts, Topless wanna be failed youtube sensation, Strippers and a racist felon murderer walk into Oscars Bar….

If you talk to founder of Daxton’s Friends Jeff Borchardt and creator Colleen Lynn, they would tell you that introduction would describe Animal Farm Foundation and anyone who owns a pit bull but…. the ugly truth is: those are the the founding members and supporters of Daxton’s Friends.

It’s no secret that Jeff Borchardt is a convicted felon with charges of selling drugs and multiple drunk driving convictions, but what about the new spokesperson Lori Welbourne from Canada?


Meet Lori Welbourne, the new epic failure of the BSL advocacy. At the moment, Welbourne could be losing her job after her ignorant and hateful rants about pit bull owners or as she calls them “nutters” and her new founded status among the BSL hate groups.


Already stalking and exploiting children… and of course, she’s elbow deep in the beastality comments…


It’s no wonder she’s diving head first into the BSL craziness, normal people have already spoken loud and clear just how not funny or amusing they think she really is.

“She says that people didn’t seem to understand that the interview was supposed to be funny.”-

Huffington Post

Check out the creepy video here… But she should fit right in!

Daxton’s Friends supporter is working hard earning those donations for Daxton’s Friends.


I’ve written about Isabella before but now her twisted behavior with her niece makes somewhat sense. It blows my mind that Borchardt promotes these people as advocates for public safety.


Check it out for yourself….

From fraud to murder, Borchardts go to guy Felosi is up to his neck with criminal activities.  Felosi is well known for his creation and support of well known racist websites.


From ripping off one racist web site and creating another- the creator of the face book page Survivor’s of Toy Dog Attacks is supported by Daxton’s Friends founder Jeff Borchardt and promoted as a trusted BSL Advocate.

These are the people Daxton’s Friends recruits to tell you what kind of dog you should have. These are the people Daxton’s Friends supports- are these the people you want near you and your family?

Reality versus The BSL Advocacy


Gee…. I wonder what the pit bull was doing? Let’s break this down into two scenarios. The BSL Advocate version versus Reality.

The BSL Advocate Version

The day started out like any other day. An unsuspecting guy decided to go for a drive, but as he was grabbing his car keys a suspicious pit bull stepped from the shadows with some booze and a bazooka.

Armed with booze and a bazooka, the mean ‘ole pit bull threatened to poor guy- ” You drink this booze until you are shit faced drunk or I am going to blow you to kingdom come.” The man, obviously not wanting to get mauled by a bazooka armed pit bull- starting double fisting that booze until he was good and drunk. After the bazooka carrying pit bull made sure the man was good and drunk, they all climbed into the vehicle to cruise for some people that the bazooka armed pit bull could harass.

While the drunk man was drunk driving, the notorious bazooka carrying pit bull forced the drunk driver to drive off a steep embankment and roll his Ford explorer multiple times.

Police were heard muttering “if only they had a Daxton’s Friends flyer…it could have prevented this….”


SANTEE, Calif. – A 31-year-old motorist was arrested for felony drunken driving after his Ford Explorer careened off a steep embankment in Santee where one passenger was critically injured and two others suffered serious injuries.

The white Ford Explorer, occupied by four adults and a pit bull, had gone of a steep embankment, rolling over several times and ending up in a ravine in harsh terrain, Morsch said.

All four occupants and the dog were injured. The critically injured occupant was lifted via hoist and rushed to Sharp Memorial Hospital by a sheriff’s helicopter, he said.

The other three occupants were also airlifted due to the remote area and were taken to a nearby landing zone. They were then transported via ground ambulance to various hospitals for treatment, he said.

Read the actual story here…..

Bazooka smuggling Pit Bulls forcing average folks to drive drunk…. Is there nothing these dogs can’t do?