Borchardt Calls for “War” Against Pit Bull Owners.

Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends has declared all out war on Pit Bull owners after the release of the new book written by Bronwen Dickey.


At this moment, sitting behind his computer in the great state of Wisconsin, Borchardt is messaging all of his fellow fear mongering minions and stuffing envelopes with his fliers while he seethes with his ever growing rage that the public is finally seeing just how hateful and violent the BSL movement has become thanks to a new article that was written by Josh Shaffer. It’s no secret that Borchardt is partially responsible for creating Pit Bulls & Amputees, an ” anonymous ” facebook page dedicted to the usual BSL reteric and Shaffer explains in the article just how BSL advocates attempt to stay anonymous while indulging in their usual online hate cyber attacks.  The bottom line? Borchardt is very mad, once again.


Not only does Borchardt send the materials used in physical stalking done by Craig Brown, he brags about it and in usual Borchardt’s  fanatic behavior, everyone who disagrees with him and the fundamental concept of BSL are all liars and frauds. He doesn’t want to hear a single thing UNLESS you are actively out stalking people who dare to speak up against the flawed BSL concept and his fragile grip on reality is slipping and it becomes glaringly obvious in his latest fanatical rant.


Calling millions of innocent families that chose to have pit bull/bully types and the common mutt for a pet as domestic terrorists is a great example of just how obsessive and all consuming Borchardt has become in the outright attack of the majority of the United States population. Ironically enough, the very thing he outlines in his rant, is the one thing he denies those who he is continuously attacking. Let’s break down his idiot questions and answer them:

  1. Can you find common ground with people that could give a shit about you and your family? 

Has Borchardt found common ground with the millions of pit bull owners attempting to keep their family pets safe from the erratic and often dangerous behavior from his BSL movement? Does he give a “shit” about the millions of families living peacefully with their pit bull  type dog? That answer is obvious after you check out the many facebook pages created by Borchardt, many like his facebook page where he posts pictures of children who have pit bulls in the family. How many of those families has he victimized?

2. Can we find common ground with people who refuse to listen to your point of view,   discredit your source, or refuse to read the victim’s stories?

I don’t know, can Borchardt find common ground with the millions of families that are living peacefully with their dogs even after Borchardt attempts to discredit all of the professional affiliations that do not support BSL? Can he find common ground with the families affected negatively by BSL or will he continue to mock families that have to give up their innocent pet because of BSL?

3. Can we find common ground with people who care more about dogs than the innocent children maimed, mauled and killed by these dogs?

While the majority of the population sympathizes for the loss of a child or an injury done to a dog, the majority of the population still realizes just how rare dog bite fatalities are.  Why should families give up their innocent dogs because a tragedy happened? If you are a gun owner, will you be giving up your guns because a child was killed by a gun thousands of miles from you? Studies have shown just how ineffective BSL has been and how other methods such as education is one of the greatest tools in reducing dog attacks.

4. Can we find common ground with people who flat out deny the history and heritage of these dogs?

It’s interesting that Borchardt keeps circling back to the “history” and “heritage” of all pit type dogs. It’s no secret what the original purpose of the original breed was for and while there are obviously still dog fighters attempting to recreate the lineage perfect for the gruesome and illegal act of dog fighting, it’s a safe bet to say that the majority of “pit type dogs” sitting in homes are glorified mutts. Could they have “pit bull” in them? Of course, but then again, they could also have lab, poodle, great dane and about 400 other breeds mixed with them. Those that have  American Pit Bull Terriers are not blind to the history of their chosen breed and many of those that have rescued dogs from a fighting operation know all too well about why their dogs were created and yet it’s those individuals, like the owners of the Vick dogs that have done the greatest service to their community by showing just how amazing these dogs can be when taken out of the abusive environment.


Yet Borchardt still wonders why people just won’t toss their own beliefs out the window and support him and his failing cause. Not only does Borchardt search for conflict, he obviously enjoys the ability to stalk and confront people that he knows will not see eye to eye with him, either that or he is short that many brain cells where he honestly thought going to obvious rescuers that worked on finding homes for pit bulls would really sit down and listen to a man whose main goal is to kill all of their adoptable dogs that were pit bull type dogs?

At the end of the day Borchardt loves the conflict and trauma he inflicts. While he will never publically announce that he was the driving force and one of the admins of the Pit Bull and Amputee pages ( that ironically changed their name to “Pit Bull Public Safety Education”), it’s no secret in the inner circle of his fear mongering morons that he is one of the few running that offensive hate page. He’s more than welcome to dispute it, which he will, but he will not offer up any evidence to back his claim, which for Borchardt, that’s just the norm.

Borchardt calls for war and as usual, it’s just one more thing he will fail at.

Jeff Borchardt & Craig Brown- Stalking on Demand



If you listen closely, you will hear the buzzing of bitterness deep within the hive of BSL craziness. One of those voices seething with bitterness is the infamous Jeff Borchardt. Why is he bitter now? What could have possibly triggered his predictable temper tantrum?

A insightful, beautifully written New York Times best seller book that dares to speak the truth and filled with facts about pit bulls.


A book that destroyed anything and everything written by BSL Advocates. A book that confronts the inaccuracy of “statistics” by the notorious Merritt Clifton, who for some reason declined to actually back up his “statistics” when the author contacted to him give him a chance to back up his facts. A book that is supported, enjoyed and loved by professionals and experts… something that no BSL advocate has yet to ever achieve. It’s not like they haven’t tried- I mean,  J Thomas Beasley attempted to write a book, Misunderstood Nanny dogs, unfortunately for BSL advocates it sank faster than the titanic. I suppose the world wasn’t ready for a cut & paste printed copy of, but it shows the glaring difference between a well researched book (like Dickey’s) and a hack job like Beasley.

So yes, Borchardt and his fellow morons have a lot to be bitter about and true to form, the founder of Daxton’s Friends  resorts to his typical behavior…. sending out the stalkers and one in particular, Mr. Craig Brown.  It’s not like Craig Brown is new to the stalker world, in fact, he reeeeaaallly enjoys stalking people and children. Yes, you read that right- Mr. Craig Brown enjoys stalking children.


It’s his love for stalking that Borchardt knew that Brown was the best man to send to stalk and harass Bronwen Dickey at her book reading/signing which he happily did.


Even AFTER he was removed and the police had been dispatched because of his harassment and stalking, he found it necessary to attempt to pass out Daxton’s Friends fliers provided by Jeff Borchardt.

I can’t help but find the false bravado from Borchardt to be somewhat amusing. While he sits behind his keyboard in his little town in Wisconsin, always bragging about he’ll face any pit bull owner anywhere to “educate” them on his views, both him, I and a certain media group now just how false that really is.



In attempt to set it out all on the table, I encouraged a face to face  with Borchardt to be aired on a cable network channel. I even agreed to fly to his little hell hole and buy the jobless man a cup a coffee while we discussed our differences of views. I thought for sure, the man who keeps pounding his little chest and proclaiming how he would set pit bull owners straight in a face to face would absolutely jump at the chance to “educate” me with his “facts”…. surprisingly, he declined. Here was this platform with access to millions and he refused. I even agreed with producers to not to write about his growing incoherent online rants for a bit and he still chickened out. At the end of the day Borchardt showed his true colors and yellow fits him.

While I’m sure that Ms. Dickey will never have to worry about Borchardt ever growing the balls to ever face her one day, it’s no secret he will send his stalker buddies just like Brown to follow her and harass her at every opportunity.


…. and if they can’t physically stalk her, they will make sure to stalk her online also.



Welcome to the world of BSL advocates….

“Just Kill them ALL”

Yes, that is exactly what Tony Solesky, Board member of Daxton’s Friends recommends for not just pit bulls- but ALL dogs sitting in shelters.


“Simply gas all dogs regardless of breed that wind up on shelters.. ALL OF THEM.”

I think this speaks volumes of their agenda…. “Just kill ’em all”.



Just let that comment sink in for a moment. How is a dog attack comparable to rape?

According to Daxton’s Friends founder Jeff Borchardt and there is no reason why a dog would bite, so I suppose that comment makes sense. Even though statistics and verifiable studies show that you can not prevent  rape (which happens every 107 seconds) but you can prevent dog attacks…. but we know BSL advocates are not about preventing dog attacks.

There is an average of 293,000 sexual assault victims a year and somehow those idiots think rape is comparable to dog attacks? These are the same people who compare pit bulls to the notorious Ted Bundy… You know, that guy who raped and murdered at least 30 women in 7 states (even though his lawyer claims he killed over 100 people..).

Unfortunately (for BSL Advocates), Dog attacks are never one sided and unlike rape, dog attacks can be prevented by education by experts. You can prevent setting your dog and your family up for failure and pain by practicing responsible ownership and parenting.

Get a grip Borchardt, will you be responsible if your new victim is assaulted by your new call for harassment? You know, the woman who had no idea what a predator you are when she called and left a message disagreeing about your billboards of hate?


That woman. You are telling your group of unstable quacks to go ahead and ring her up… Which they have zero problem doing.


It’s not like you can find out were they live by a phone number, right? Oh wait… You can, but who am I kidding? It will be a cold day in hell before any one in your advocacy of hate takes responsibility for your actions.

I can see it now.. “So sorry that as a result of us sharing your private info you were harmed in any way buuuuttttt…..”

The Daxton’s Friends Guarantee

Daxton’s Friends will not promise legitimate dog education beyond what wikipedia can provide, nor will they guarantee how to prevent dog bites and attacks, BUT Jeff Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends can guarantee that if you are one of the millions of pit bull type/bully breed type dogs: there is a 100% chance that you will be killed by your dog.


Mark his words folks, according to Jeff Borchardt- it’s just a matter of time. Right at this moment, millions of pit and bully mixes are communicating via skype and plotting.


Have you found expired milk in the fridge? Questionable guacamole mislabeled? Be afraid, according to Animal 24-7 Editor, inducing food poisoning is genetically hard wired into these demon dogs.


Before you head down a flight of stairs, be aware of your surroundings. According to, pit bulls and bully breeds are purpose bred to “trip” (push) you down a flight of stairs.

Smell something horrific in a enclosed environment? There is no doubt your pit bull is attempting to gas you to death with his arsenal of deadly ass gas.


According to Borchardt, the probability of your pit/bull breed type dog killing you is at a all time high. Since, our fate is predicted by Borchardt and his psychic gerbil and set in stone, we might as well live it up!


Remember… It’s just a matter of time.

Free Pass

…. Everyone, let us welcome Ariana Carolina Hoglo from Alberta Canada. Ariana recently euthanized her dog. She can’t believe her dog attacked her smaller dog! It was so unprovoked!


I mean, according to Ariana- her alpha male pit bull only attacked people… frequently.  Totally not her fault as the owner to keep a dog that repeatedly attacked friends, visitors and random people. I mean, who would ever think that this dog that frequently attacks people would ever attack her little Boston?

Training, meds, more training just couldn’t get Ariana to realize that a dog that’s regularly attacking living people might turn and attack the smaller dog. Totally not her fault as a owner. Just curious, what would have happened if that known aggressive dog attacked her child? Not her fault either?


Come on Daxton’s Friends and this works for you? Removing alllllll blame from owners because they join your hate campaign? Ariana knew from the get go her dog was aggressive. Ariana is responsible for every attack her dog launched. Ariana is responsible for her little dog being mauled- unless you can sit there and say the attack was “out of the blue.” I dare you. I dare you to take this story of a irresponsible woman who knowingly kept a dog with a history of multiple and frequent attacks and tell me this isn’t a case of irresponsible and negligent behavior.


Really Colleen? How many free passes does she get? Oh! As many as she wants now that she finally euthanized her aggressive dog that launched multiple and frequent attacks on people?

The sad thing is- BSL Advocates are sitting around vomiting sympathy all over this negligent owner as Ariana is throwing herself a pity party. Please. Ariana is far more at fault than any dog- she set up the environment for her dog to be attacked by keeping a dog with documented aggression. She put her small dog in a situation knowing full well how dangerous the other dog was. She knowingly put her own child and guests in a dangerous environment knowing that her dog had obvious unchecked human aggression issues. It’s sad her dog paid the price but she’s lucky it wasn’t her child or someone else.

Great job promoting and supporting negligence Colleen and Jeff.


Is Jeff Borchardt, Daxton’s Friends, Colleen Lynn and behind these Cases of Animal Abuse?

“Sometime between the late evening hours of July 1 and early morning of July 2, one of our adopted dogs, an American Pit Bull Terrier named Morpheus, was lured away from his owners’ property and killed. His body was then dumped near their property where he was found the next morning. A necropsy was performed to determine the cause of death. Morpheus died from a single gunshot wound and his body was moved post mortem.

Morpheus, the black Pit Bull pictured here with Kati and his sister, was just 9 months old. He was an ambassador for his breed. He was a gentle dog who loved everyone he met. In fact, his trust and love of people made him an easy target. We cannot stand by and let his death be just one more act of animal cruelty in our community. We are working with Kati and her husband Erik to offer a reward starting at $2,000 for information that leads to the conviction of the individual(s) responsible for the intentional, malicious killing of a part of their family. Morpheus was family.

Detective Redmon with IMPD is actively working leads, but she needs your help. We are asking that anyone with information, or who may have seen or heard something in the area of 9700 Cooper Rd. or 8200 Stones Ferry Dr. on the night of Wednesday July 1 and early morning of Thursday July 2, contact Detective Redmon at 317-327-1431 or Crime Stoppers of Indiana at 317-262-TIPS. 

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Kati and Erik as well as our continued commitment to help bring Morpheus’s killer to justice.” 


Notice the sign she is holding? We have seen Jeff Borchardt, the founder of Daxton’s Friends and poster child of a hot mental mess for – stalking and cyber attacking dog owners involved in the I am the Majority project. I would suggest and will foward complete lists of Jeff Borchardts anti pit/hate groups to the authorities. In fact- Borchardt is warning the public:


According to Borchardt- we will not like how these dogs will be taken out. He warns us that it will not be humane. However, this isn’t the only dusturbing case.

Warning: This image is disturbing.

He may be alive today…if someone had just called. Yesterday, our HERO Team responded to a call about a dog suspected to be a victim of abuse who lay deceased in front of a dumpster. We have named the dog Justice. Eyewitnesses reported hearing and seeing a dog “cry out” Monday night in South Kansas City. 

But no one called authorities. No one investigated. 

The dumpster was emptied on Monday morning, and was at least halfway full when our team arrived on Wednesday. This means that countless people walked over the dog to put their trash in the dumpster. Though we do not know who or what caused his injuries, we do know he suffered severe trauma to his neck/head and he was left alone to suffer. Animal abuse should not and will not be tolerated. 

A reward fund of $1,000 has been established for anyone with information about the case or who may be responsible. Tips can be directed to (913) 742-7327. Great Plains SPCA and friends of KC Animals are asking the community to stand up and speak out against animal abuse because ‪#‎PetsDeserveBetter‬. Any citizen who encounters a situation of suspected animal abuse or neglect needs to immediately contact authorities so help can be provided while there is still time and responsible parties are held accountable. Please help us spread the word by sharing this across Facebook and Kansas City.”


Great Plains SPCA

I would go ahead and start checking out the members of this group-


Odds are that these individuals know exactly who is responsible.