It’s alright to really write what you are thinking…

It really is alright to write what you are thinking, really it is. Sometimes the best message that you can share is full of sincerity and honesty that can only come from the bottom of your heart and this is exactly what I’m about to do.

So, from the bottom of my heart and I sincerely mean this: Fuck you PETA.  Fuck you right in the ear. Which ear, you ask? Does it really matter? Left, right? Heck, let’s go for both since I’m feeling generous.

I mean, it’s no secret how I feel about PETA and it’s really no secret how PETA feels about anything that could possibly be labeled a pit bull, but as usual, they have sunk to a new low. Just recently, the piece of shit  Mayor, a Mr. Denis Coderre expressed his glee as he created and pushed a ban that possibly is just as bad, if not worse than the Denver ban. As Mr. Coderre rubs his fat grubby hands in anticipation of killing thousands of innocent dogs sitting in shelters and ultimately killing family pets of people that might not be able to afford following this outrageous and inhumane law, PETA has swooped in like the vulture that they are and are celebrating the  mass euthanization that will be happening.

I kid you not folks… PETA’s online article starts with the most assinite title ever:

“Why People Who Care About Pit Bull Welfare Support Breed Protection”

I don’t know who they think they are fooling and really, you should be offended that PETA thinks that you, the average citizen, are that dumb to not realize what their version of “breed protection” really means. Come on PETA, you sneaky devil… we know you really just mean “breed specific legislation“. I know that PETA likes to portray pit bull types as these horribly abused dogs, which in fairness, some are, there isn’t a doubt about that but what they don’t tell you after writing a little line like this: “-remember Michael Vick?” just how those horribly abused dogs from Michael Vick’s property have grown into amazing, inspiring and loving dogs. I wonder why PETA didn’t mention that? Well, why would they? They are to busy cheering for Montreal. I wouldn’t be surprised if PETA isn’t loading up some death on wheel vans with an intent to drive right up to Montreal and help with some euthanizations, considering PETA’s fearless murdering leader has already shared how she loved to come in early to euthanize some innocent animals before her actual work day started.



Honestly, beneath the anger, I’m sad. I’m sad that Montreal’s mayor and PETA have taken it upon themselves to blacken humanity with their discriminate hate and blood thirst. I’m saddened by the fact that soon, dog after dog, puppies to the elderly pooches will have their lives snuffed out for no reason what so ever. Has killing innocent dogs EVER prevented dog attacks? Nope and that’s a fact. Why is that, you ask? Because irresponsible dog ownership doesn’t discriminate. Irresponsible dog owners don’t care and they have hundreds of breeds to chose from. An irresponsible owner of ANYTHING won’t be affected by this, just like irresponsible gun owners won’t be affected by tougher laws, sex offenders won’t care about harsher penalties, drug dealers absolutely did not care about the Regans “Just say no to drugs” campaign…. you get the drift. You know who will be affected? Families. Responsible dog owners, FUTURE responsible dog owners and we can’t forget about that. The next generation. Our children, who could be stepping into a Montreal shelter to adopt a dog like what they had as a child and find not one single one there, why? Because PETA and Coderre killed them all.


According to BSL advocates, our military members are a bunch of fakers. According to BSL advocates, our military members who are good enough to fight for us, protect us and give their lives for us are incapable of choosing a service dog for themselves. According to BSL advocates, those military members who are suffering from disabling PTSD are not disabled enough to need a service dog and they just need to toss a few pills down their throats and they will be fine.

Daniel Wright, a Purple Heart veteran who served 11 years in the Marines and the Army, was denied a ride on a New Jersey transit bus because of his registered service pit bull, Tank.- People Magazine

Wright served 11 years, Four tours of duty, NINE surgeries on his left shoulder, unable to utilize his left arm, suffers from PTSD- yet BSL advocates want you know that these gosh darn veterans are a bunch of losers for not choosing a breed of dog that THEY deem acceptable.


According to BSL advocates- PTSD  is not a disability, nor is it disabling enough to warrant a service animal

…. maybe we should just ship a few of them over to a war zone and let them figure out just how disabling PTSD really is.

I’m not surprised by their views, to understand the needs of our service men & women they would have to think of someone other than themselves. Over and over they hammer that these soldiers who made life and death decisions in combat deserve discrimination based off their service animal.


“If Daniel Wright really wanted to fit in….” says the woman who sits on her ass in Rochester Minnesota googling and spamming anything that might sound like a pit bull story. What makes Julie think she’s that important to have any say what this combat veteran needs or doesn’t need? Is she his therapist? Does she help this man with his daily activities or help him when he’s having flashbacks of war?


When you have a small segregated group of racist homophobic morons like BSL advocates attacking a man who sacrificed blood, sweat and tears for this country because they don’t like his service dog its up to us as a community to shut them up and shut them down.

It’ obvious by McGinns comment that she isn’t educated with the the fact PTSD can be a life time affliction and since the majority of BSL advocates are unemployed and are not paying taxes which help fund VA benefits and programs- they shouldn’t have a voice when it comes to this veterans care and needs. The only people that should have a say is the veteran and his care team.


According to Sloan, a combat veterans needs are nonsense. This is the message BSL Advocates and BSL groups such as & Daxton’s Friends are sending to our troops returning home from war- that they are not allowed to have a voice, not allowed to have that freedom to find what they need to find comfort and to find a healthy way to heal. That they should be denied the tools they need to work through the trauma they received by protecting us and that is exactly what Wrights service dog is- a designated tool to help him function.


When has it become acceptable to mock combat veterans- which is what this blog by Sloan does.

Everyday BSL Advocates continue to push their agenda and hate- attacking families, exploiting children, harming animals, speading this violent infection among the mentally unstable within their group- arming them and directing them towards the public and harassng and victimizing soliders who have sacrificed everything including their lives all because Jeff Borchardt founder of Daxton’s Friends and Colleen Lynn founder of tells them it’s allllll good. All because this small group of cowards don’t like a breed of dog.

What a bunch of cowards- but regardless of their hate directed at soldiers, soldiers will continue to fight for them, to protect them, some will die so those BSL morons can google away and some of those soldiers will suffer emotionally and physically long after the war but that’s why they are the heroes and that’s why we as a community will protect them from the hateful BSL morons.

Bullying because they can-

You know who has absolutely zero issue with bullying, mocking and harassing a young girl and her dog?

Jeff Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends, William Johnson- pseudo selective victims advocate AND father to an autistic child and the frothing abusive followers of have no problem harassing, mocking and verbally assaulting a autistic child and her certified service dog.

Shall we begin?
Who doesn’t love Julie? The creator of the nasty pit nutter circus blog- oh, no fear- she gets nastier. It takes a real coward and pathetic excuse of a woman to pick on a child.

You would think- a father of an autistic child, Mr. William Johnson would step up and say something about the harassment and mocking of another autistic child…

So, William Johnson is the ONLY parent allowed to speak up and defend their child? This child was victimized, illegally discriminated against and now William Johnson, the self proclaimed victims advocate and father of an autistic child is…. mocking another autistic child? (I bet all the autistic pages, groups and support groups he’s a part of would be interested in his selective autistic support. )

Sorry Lynn- this family wanted to take their beautiful child and her service dog Pupcakes to visit Santa- sorry that you dislike the breed they CHOOSE so much that you find it okay victimize a young autistic girl.

If her service dog eats her?

Oh William- Pupcakes is a ADA certified service dog- NOT an emotional support animal. What should worry people is Williams abusive tendencies and as a supposed father to an autistic child- what kind of father is he being?

Oh! You mean like Jeff Borchardt using his dead son as a stepping stone to earn his “fame”?


I know your wondering if these child abusing pathetic excuses for humans can get any more revolting- but rest assured- they can.
Of course Mr. Dennis Baker had to chime in-


And Dennis Baker cares for a young girl too. If he treats an autistic young girl like this- could his grand daughter be in danger?

Newsflash Suzanne- you don’t have the right to tell a child that is not yours ANYTHING about Santa. Thank God Suzanne DOESN’T have children.

I will let the world decide on how authentic this child’s disability is- read about this brave girl here-
Some of these Foamers such as William Johnson & Jeff Borchardt should take note- that family is a example of parenting done right.

United Strong

BSL ( Breed Specific Legislation) still affect families, dogs and communities in a negative way.  Right now in Aurora Colorado, their Pit bull ( Any breed that they consider a pit bull- American bull dog, dogo, mixed mutt) ban is up for vote. United we stand to tell people that this is no longer okay!

Help support rescue groups that are working in BSL states rescue and find safe homes for happy and healthy dogs of any breed!

Order a T-shirt, tank top or sweater to show your support!

No worries….

Here’s the math. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey –there is an average of 237,868 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year.

There are 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. That makes 31,536,000 seconds/year. So, 31,536,000 divided by 237,868 comes out to 1 sexual assault every 133 seconds, or about 1 every 2 minutes.


I know your saying, “Kim-didn’t we cover this already? Surely the sexiest pigs from The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Reveled are still not comparing things to rape victims, right?” Obviously they think it’s perfectly acceptable. You know- because THEY feel that they can insult, minimize and mock every other victim UNLESS they are pit bull victims.
Here is a example:

I’m not sure how she is mocking victims in her statement. She’s actually making some valid points. Heck-she even admits that some dogs just aren’t stable.
So- how do the men in TPBPMR respond?


People DO say that about rape victims. Men like Shaun DO minimize the pain and agony of rape victims.
Let me EDUCATE you Shaun and the rest if the members of TPBPMR:

1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.8% completed rape; 2.8% attempted rape).

17.7 million American women have been victims of attempted or completed rape.

15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12. (Yes- age of 12)

29% are age 12-17.
44% are under age 18.3
80% are under age 30.3

12-34 are the highest risk years.
Girls ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.

7% of girls in grades 5-8 and 12% of girls in grades 9-12 said they had been sexually abused.

3% of boys grades 5-8 and 5% of boys in grades 9-12 said they had been sexually abused.

In 1995, local child protection service agencies identified 126,000 children who were victims of either substantiated or indicated sexual abuse. We are in 2014 now- how high do you think that number is now?)

Of these, 75% were girls.
Nearly 30% of child victims were between the age of 4 and 7.
93% of juvenile sexual assault victims know their attacker.

34.2% of attackers were family members.
58.7% were acquaintances.
Only 7% of the perpetrators were strangers to the victim.

So NO– your pit bull hate is not the same damn thing as rape and rape victim blaming. Dog attacks are NOT the same thing as rape. So Shaun- you can take your hypothetical example and shove it.

No worries though- we already know the men AND women (which is even more vile.) are sexiest pigs. We already know you refer women who own pit bulls as “snatches,bitches,cunts,whores,sluts,lesbians, involved in sex with dogs,prostitutes” and a slew of other degrading names.
are sexiest,disgusting pigs. Now- hopefully the rest of the world see’s this.