Borchardt Calls for “War” Against Pit Bull Owners.

Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends has declared all out war on Pit Bull owners after the release of the new book written by Bronwen Dickey.


At this moment, sitting behind his computer in the great state of Wisconsin, Borchardt is messaging all of his fellow fear mongering minions and stuffing envelopes with his fliers while he seethes with his ever growing rage that the public is finally seeing just how hateful and violent the BSL movement has become thanks to a new article that was written by Josh Shaffer. It’s no secret that Borchardt is partially responsible for creating Pit Bulls & Amputees, an ” anonymous ” facebook page dedicted to the usual BSL reteric and Shaffer explains in the article just how BSL advocates attempt to stay anonymous while indulging in their usual online hate cyber attacks.  The bottom line? Borchardt is very mad, once again.


Not only does Borchardt send the materials used in physical stalking done by Craig Brown, he brags about it and in usual Borchardt’s  fanatic behavior, everyone who disagrees with him and the fundamental concept of BSL are all liars and frauds. He doesn’t want to hear a single thing UNLESS you are actively out stalking people who dare to speak up against the flawed BSL concept and his fragile grip on reality is slipping and it becomes glaringly obvious in his latest fanatical rant.


Calling millions of innocent families that chose to have pit bull/bully types and the common mutt for a pet as domestic terrorists is a great example of just how obsessive and all consuming Borchardt has become in the outright attack of the majority of the United States population. Ironically enough, the very thing he outlines in his rant, is the one thing he denies those who he is continuously attacking. Let’s break down his idiot questions and answer them:

  1. Can you find common ground with people that could give a shit about you and your family? 

Has Borchardt found common ground with the millions of pit bull owners attempting to keep their family pets safe from the erratic and often dangerous behavior from his BSL movement? Does he give a “shit” about the millions of families living peacefully with their pit bull  type dog? That answer is obvious after you check out the many facebook pages created by Borchardt, many like his facebook page where he posts pictures of children who have pit bulls in the family. How many of those families has he victimized?

2. Can we find common ground with people who refuse to listen to your point of view,   discredit your source, or refuse to read the victim’s stories?

I don’t know, can Borchardt find common ground with the millions of families that are living peacefully with their dogs even after Borchardt attempts to discredit all of the professional affiliations that do not support BSL? Can he find common ground with the families affected negatively by BSL or will he continue to mock families that have to give up their innocent pet because of BSL?

3. Can we find common ground with people who care more about dogs than the innocent children maimed, mauled and killed by these dogs?

While the majority of the population sympathizes for the loss of a child or an injury done to a dog, the majority of the population still realizes just how rare dog bite fatalities are.  Why should families give up their innocent dogs because a tragedy happened? If you are a gun owner, will you be giving up your guns because a child was killed by a gun thousands of miles from you? Studies have shown just how ineffective BSL has been and how other methods such as education is one of the greatest tools in reducing dog attacks.

4. Can we find common ground with people who flat out deny the history and heritage of these dogs?

It’s interesting that Borchardt keeps circling back to the “history” and “heritage” of all pit type dogs. It’s no secret what the original purpose of the original breed was for and while there are obviously still dog fighters attempting to recreate the lineage perfect for the gruesome and illegal act of dog fighting, it’s a safe bet to say that the majority of “pit type dogs” sitting in homes are glorified mutts. Could they have “pit bull” in them? Of course, but then again, they could also have lab, poodle, great dane and about 400 other breeds mixed with them. Those that have  American Pit Bull Terriers are not blind to the history of their chosen breed and many of those that have rescued dogs from a fighting operation know all too well about why their dogs were created and yet it’s those individuals, like the owners of the Vick dogs that have done the greatest service to their community by showing just how amazing these dogs can be when taken out of the abusive environment.


Yet Borchardt still wonders why people just won’t toss their own beliefs out the window and support him and his failing cause. Not only does Borchardt search for conflict, he obviously enjoys the ability to stalk and confront people that he knows will not see eye to eye with him, either that or he is short that many brain cells where he honestly thought going to obvious rescuers that worked on finding homes for pit bulls would really sit down and listen to a man whose main goal is to kill all of their adoptable dogs that were pit bull type dogs?

At the end of the day Borchardt loves the conflict and trauma he inflicts. While he will never publically announce that he was the driving force and one of the admins of the Pit Bull and Amputee pages ( that ironically changed their name to “Pit Bull Public Safety Education”), it’s no secret in the inner circle of his fear mongering morons that he is one of the few running that offensive hate page. He’s more than welcome to dispute it, which he will, but he will not offer up any evidence to back his claim, which for Borchardt, that’s just the norm.

Borchardt calls for war and as usual, it’s just one more thing he will fail at.

Everything is a pit bull!

Looks like your everyday, run of the mill mutt right?
Mixed with Pit? OF COURSE IT IS. I mean- the dog experts are all over it!

A better facial view- can you guess what the super sluethy dog experts have come up with?

They just are not feeling the “rottie”part….

Bullying because they can-

You know who has absolutely zero issue with bullying, mocking and harassing a young girl and her dog?

Jeff Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends, William Johnson- pseudo selective victims advocate AND father to an autistic child and the frothing abusive followers of have no problem harassing, mocking and verbally assaulting a autistic child and her certified service dog.

Shall we begin?
Who doesn’t love Julie? The creator of the nasty pit nutter circus blog- oh, no fear- she gets nastier. It takes a real coward and pathetic excuse of a woman to pick on a child.

You would think- a father of an autistic child, Mr. William Johnson would step up and say something about the harassment and mocking of another autistic child…

So, William Johnson is the ONLY parent allowed to speak up and defend their child? This child was victimized, illegally discriminated against and now William Johnson, the self proclaimed victims advocate and father of an autistic child is…. mocking another autistic child? (I bet all the autistic pages, groups and support groups he’s a part of would be interested in his selective autistic support. )

Sorry Lynn- this family wanted to take their beautiful child and her service dog Pupcakes to visit Santa- sorry that you dislike the breed they CHOOSE so much that you find it okay victimize a young autistic girl.

If her service dog eats her?

Oh William- Pupcakes is a ADA certified service dog- NOT an emotional support animal. What should worry people is Williams abusive tendencies and as a supposed father to an autistic child- what kind of father is he being?

Oh! You mean like Jeff Borchardt using his dead son as a stepping stone to earn his “fame”?


I know your wondering if these child abusing pathetic excuses for humans can get any more revolting- but rest assured- they can.
Of course Mr. Dennis Baker had to chime in-


And Dennis Baker cares for a young girl too. If he treats an autistic young girl like this- could his grand daughter be in danger?

Newsflash Suzanne- you don’t have the right to tell a child that is not yours ANYTHING about Santa. Thank God Suzanne DOESN’T have children.

I will let the world decide on how authentic this child’s disability is- read about this brave girl here-
Some of these Foamers such as William Johnson & Jeff Borchardt should take note- that family is a example of parenting done right.

Foamer talk 101

20140721-085335-32015626.jpg Hi! How are you? I would like to take a moment to welcome you to Foamer Talk 101. Before you dive into the confusing, mind boggling, often contradicting world of Foamers it helps to have a little knowledge under your belt. Let’s begin!

20140721-085821-32301450.jpg Foamer (Noun) A person who froths and convulses over the very idea that pit bulls exist and are pets. They will explain that your pit bull will eventually eat you because it was genetically created to have the desire to devour every single living being. Foaming (verb) froth formed from saliva in the mouth at the mention of the word pit bull.


20140721-090750-32870210.jpg It’s strongly recommended that you avoid direct contact if possible but we understand that it’s not always possible. You have to remember, Foamers come in all shapes, sizes, genders and levels of insanity. REMEMBER age is not an issue when it comes to foamers. 60+ year old foamers who live in a one bedroom apartment with multiple small dogs and pass out psychiatric diagnosis are just as dangerous as the 40 year old man who still DJ’s unsuccessfully for a living. 



That’s a good question! Even though Foamers may look difference in appearance, Foamers act very similar and sometimes identical (Although that partially is because they have multiple facebook accounts so that they can stalk and harass individuals, although that will be explained in another session.).

Characteristics of a Foamer:






Self Importance






Lack of Independent thoughts and ideas

Cult like

Self Destructive



Of course the list could go on, but I think you get the idea. FOAMERS tend to SELF DESTRUCT so it is recommended to sit back at a safe distance and watch the fireworks.


You would think this would be a long complicated answer and you can possibly get a multiple of answers depending on the people you ask. However, the one thing that ALL will is agree on is:

Lack of accountability.

It’s so simple to blame a animal that does not have the ability to talk or defend itself and since the majority of Foamers are COWARDS they will pick on the one thing that can’t fight back and point out their stupidity. Animals and many times- Children.

If your scratching your head and wondering why these people are not locked up in some mental hospital deep underground and away from the normal society, don’t worry, your not alone. Although you have decided that until such actions like that can be taken it is best to understand this small group of people to keep you and your family safe.

download (1)

For your assignment, please feel free to observe the Foamers in their natural habitat and watch them interact with each other at Dogsbite.orgTPBPR and Confessions of a Pit Loving Whack Job. Just please remember, these individuals are known to be dangerous, foolish and act irrationally. They will stalk, threaten and harass you so please do not approach.