Borchardt Calls for “War” Against Pit Bull Owners.

Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends has declared all out war on Pit Bull owners after the release of the new book written by Bronwen Dickey.


At this moment, sitting behind his computer in the great state of Wisconsin, Borchardt is messaging all of his fellow fear mongering minions and stuffing envelopes with his fliers while he seethes with his ever growing rage that the public is finally seeing just how hateful and violent the BSL movement has become thanks to a new article that was written by Josh Shaffer. It’s no secret that Borchardt is partially responsible for creating Pit Bulls & Amputees, an ” anonymous ” facebook page dedicted to the usual BSL reteric and Shaffer explains in the article just how BSL advocates attempt to stay anonymous while indulging in their usual online hate cyber attacks.  The bottom line? Borchardt is very mad, once again.


Not only does Borchardt send the materials used in physical stalking done by Craig Brown, he brags about it and in usual Borchardt’s  fanatic behavior, everyone who disagrees with him and the fundamental concept of BSL are all liars and frauds. He doesn’t want to hear a single thing UNLESS you are actively out stalking people who dare to speak up against the flawed BSL concept and his fragile grip on reality is slipping and it becomes glaringly obvious in his latest fanatical rant.


Calling millions of innocent families that chose to have pit bull/bully types and the common mutt for a pet as domestic terrorists is a great example of just how obsessive and all consuming Borchardt has become in the outright attack of the majority of the United States population. Ironically enough, the very thing he outlines in his rant, is the one thing he denies those who he is continuously attacking. Let’s break down his idiot questions and answer them:

  1. Can you find common ground with people that could give a shit about you and your family? 

Has Borchardt found common ground with the millions of pit bull owners attempting to keep their family pets safe from the erratic and often dangerous behavior from his BSL movement? Does he give a “shit” about the millions of families living peacefully with their pit bull  type dog? That answer is obvious after you check out the many facebook pages created by Borchardt, many like his facebook page where he posts pictures of children who have pit bulls in the family. How many of those families has he victimized?

2. Can we find common ground with people who refuse to listen to your point of view,   discredit your source, or refuse to read the victim’s stories?

I don’t know, can Borchardt find common ground with the millions of families that are living peacefully with their dogs even after Borchardt attempts to discredit all of the professional affiliations that do not support BSL? Can he find common ground with the families affected negatively by BSL or will he continue to mock families that have to give up their innocent pet because of BSL?

3. Can we find common ground with people who care more about dogs than the innocent children maimed, mauled and killed by these dogs?

While the majority of the population sympathizes for the loss of a child or an injury done to a dog, the majority of the population still realizes just how rare dog bite fatalities are.  Why should families give up their innocent dogs because a tragedy happened? If you are a gun owner, will you be giving up your guns because a child was killed by a gun thousands of miles from you? Studies have shown just how ineffective BSL has been and how other methods such as education is one of the greatest tools in reducing dog attacks.

4. Can we find common ground with people who flat out deny the history and heritage of these dogs?

It’s interesting that Borchardt keeps circling back to the “history” and “heritage” of all pit type dogs. It’s no secret what the original purpose of the original breed was for and while there are obviously still dog fighters attempting to recreate the lineage perfect for the gruesome and illegal act of dog fighting, it’s a safe bet to say that the majority of “pit type dogs” sitting in homes are glorified mutts. Could they have “pit bull” in them? Of course, but then again, they could also have lab, poodle, great dane and about 400 other breeds mixed with them. Those that have  American Pit Bull Terriers are not blind to the history of their chosen breed and many of those that have rescued dogs from a fighting operation know all too well about why their dogs were created and yet it’s those individuals, like the owners of the Vick dogs that have done the greatest service to their community by showing just how amazing these dogs can be when taken out of the abusive environment.


Yet Borchardt still wonders why people just won’t toss their own beliefs out the window and support him and his failing cause. Not only does Borchardt search for conflict, he obviously enjoys the ability to stalk and confront people that he knows will not see eye to eye with him, either that or he is short that many brain cells where he honestly thought going to obvious rescuers that worked on finding homes for pit bulls would really sit down and listen to a man whose main goal is to kill all of their adoptable dogs that were pit bull type dogs?

At the end of the day Borchardt loves the conflict and trauma he inflicts. While he will never publically announce that he was the driving force and one of the admins of the Pit Bull and Amputee pages ( that ironically changed their name to “Pit Bull Public Safety Education”), it’s no secret in the inner circle of his fear mongering morons that he is one of the few running that offensive hate page. He’s more than welcome to dispute it, which he will, but he will not offer up any evidence to back his claim, which for Borchardt, that’s just the norm.

Borchardt calls for war and as usual, it’s just one more thing he will fail at.

Smoke and Mirrors- Getting Past Merritt Clifton’s Number Game

Anyone searching the internet about dog bite statistics will eventually stumble upon Merritt Clifton. Editor and creator of the non-peer reviewed Animal 24-7, a supposed “go-to” collection of statistics for BSL advocates has released their “findings” of unsubstantiated pit bull attacks against animals.


Academic Fraud?

It’s no secret among the animal community how disgraced Merritt Clifton has become. In 2014, The Huffington Post published a blog post written by Douglas Cooper, blasting Clifton and labeling him justly as an academic fraud. Cooper successfully exposes Clifton’s fraudulent claim of having more than “hundred peer-reviewed publications” with experts from Cambridge University, University of Alberta and University of Wyoming shredding the little credibility that Clifton possibly could have had left.


Huffington Post isn’t the only article out there calling Clifton’s credibility into question, articles and blog posts can be found from 2010, pointing out the inconsistencies in Clifton’s alleged data and Clifton’s alleged mishandlings of donations.


Dog Bite Statistics

Dog bite statistics are not really statistics, and they do not give an accurate picture of dogs that bite (Wright, 1991, p. 299-314), yet somehow Clifton attempted to create his own statistics by guessing. Clifton himself admits that he has created his own “formula” on how he comes up with his numbers. According to Clifton, he assumes that with each dog attack, there is at least a few others that are not reported (Clifton, 2016) and because of this, he can safely multiply the actual numbers dog attacks by 3, 10 or 147 depending on the size of the community/city.

“ANIMALS 24-7 multiplies reported dog attacks on other animals in communities of under 10,000 people by a compensation factor of three; multiplies reported dog attacks on other animals in communities of 10,000 to 100,000 people by a compensation factor of 10; and multiplies reported dog attacks on other animals in communities of more than 100,000 by a compensation factor of 147 (Clifton, 2016)”.

According to Clifton’s own numbers, dog pit bull attacks against other animals have actually gone down for 2015, even though that is not what he states, but his numbers say something different. In 2013, he states that 424 dogs, 396 of them pit bulls are responsible for attacks. The pit bulls allegedly killed 92 dogs, injuring 167, allegedly killed 17 cats, injuring 5 and allegedly killed 289 hooved animals, injuring 22. In 2014, 409 dogs, 337 of them were “pit bulls”. Pit bulls allegedly killed 86 dogs, injuring 139, allegedly killed 26 cats, injuring 4, and allegedly killed 77 hooved animals and injuring 24. In 2015, Clifton alleges that there were 338 dogs, 296 of them pit bulls. He also alleges that pit bulls killed 101 dogs, injuring 86, killed 37 cats, injured 3 and killed 45 hooved animals, injuring 23 (Clifton, 2016).

merrit clitfon

According to Clifton, “The approximately 3.5 million pit bulls in the U.S. appear to have killed more than 24,000 other dogs in 2015, up from about 15,500 each in 2013 and 2014; nearly 13,000 cats; perhaps 9,000 hooved animals; and between 30,000 and 45,000 small mammals and poultry (Clifton, 2016).” Considering Clifton has never allowed anyone to review his statistics, people can only guess how he takes the ALLEGED MEDIA REPORTED numbers and breaks them down to multiply them by 10 or 147.


Pretty much, he pulls the alleged reported numbers, multiplies by whatever number he pulls out of his hat and calculates away.


Clearing the Smoke

Projected, approximately and mirrored are used throughout his newest blog post on Animal 24-7, even acknowledging that “a great deal must be projected from relatively little” which really means : making up numbers as Clifton see’s fit. The definition of reliable is consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted and attempting to use  alleged unreported dog attacks in an attempt to pad the numbers shows just how unreliable the fabricated data that Clifton manufactures actually is. There really is no question just how Clifton has become the reigning laughing stock of statisticians and it looks like it’s a title he won’t be losing anytime soon.




Find out More About Merritt Clifton….

Wright JC. Canine aggression toward people: bite scenarios and prevention. Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract 1991;21:299–314

Huffington Post

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Fake it to Make it….


Who hasn’t heard the infamous BSL Advocate Jennifer Sue Scott (Dzikwoski) ramble on about the rampant faking of pit bull owners faking their land sharks into the prestigious roll of being a therapy dog?

I guess it’s different if you own ANOTHER non pit bull breed dog… because it’s 100% acceptable for her to fake her buddy into the role of a therapy dog…


Of course…. Making good ‘ole Ruby into a “therapy dog” because she hates leaving her pooch behind.


…. Making Ruby into a “therapy dog” because of some flying “anxiety”… Why not just take a Xanax?


Oh squeee! Good ‘ole Jennifer Sue can’t wait to commit some fraud! It’s fine when BSL Advocates do though right?

Look at the Scoreboard Baby….


It’s a perfect start to a day when you get to see BSL Advocates get their bitter asses handed to them with a bitch slap fueled with positivity.  Check out this message from Chad Gabriel to the creepy BSL stalkers- it’s perfection!

“You ain’t gonna change anything….”

Truer words have never been spoken. BSL Advocates will never evolve. BSL advocates will always be in this frozen stage of hatred with no possibility of growth. It’s a sad existence but it’s a existence they willingly chose to invest in. They chose to harass and stalk people. They chose to purposefully venture out and engage in conflict with people who own dogs they don’t like- yet then cry like a bunch of whine bags when their asses are handed to them (Michelle C Ryan, Jeff Borchardt, Lisa Gonzales, William Johnson,  Rachel Simas… yes, this is directed right at you.).


Michelle C Ryan likes to visit pro pit bull sites. Michelle C Ryan likes to visit these sites to start arguments with pit bull owners. Michelle C Ryan admits she likes to purposefully seek out pit bull owners to argue with. Poor Michelle C Ryan- she gets her feelings hurt when people tell her kindly to go f@ck off. Why is this? Oh right- she feels that millions of people owe her. You know, the Borchardt slogan- “It’s everyone’s fault!”  It’s crappy that Michelle C Ryan lost a child, but what’s crappier is that she’s stuck in this frozen state of stupidity. She’s stuck in this destructive “everyone owes me” state of mind and she has no intention of evolving. Which is fine- that’s her right, but if she wants to search for a fight, she can’t cry when she finds one and gets her ass handed to her. I can only hope that she grows up one day, but knowing the BSL Advocacy, growth is not their purpose and this is what the public is noticing.

Have you noticed who has to go to extreme measures to force people to look at their nonsense? I’ve never seen an advocacy that has to push so much hate and fear to try to get people to change their views, like I’ve seen the BSL advocacy do. Daxton Friends probably should be careful, especially considering there are restrictions that are placed on a 501c status.  For example, the following activities are prohibited:

• Inurement to a private shareholder or individual
• Extreme cases of excessive benefit transactions   • Political activity

How many times have we heard Jeff Borchardt, Founder of Daxton’s Friends attempt to reach out to politicians on behalf of Daxton’s Friends? Can we really forget the letter from Daxton’s Friends to Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan begging for BSL?


If anything, as a tax paying citizen, I’m concerned that Daxton’s Friends is yet another fraudulent attempt in raising funds strictly for personal means. As of this date, Daxton’s Friends has yet to fulfill its core statement- providing zero educational material or programs in preventing dog bites and investing in community safety. According to the IRS:

“A section 501(c)(3) organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, such as the creator or the creator’s family, shareholders of the organization, other designated individuals, or persons controlled directly or indirectly by such private interests. No part of the net earnings of a section 501(c)(3) organization may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. A private shareholder or individual is a person having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization.”

According to their own financial claims, in 2014- the amount of income for Daxton’s Friends is a big fat ZERO and the founders the Borchardts have been unwilling to provide any public information about their non-profit besides the obfuscated material on their personal web-site.


It’s almost as if they are attempting to hide the information by non-disclosure- however, they have been very public in their fundraising as seen here:

Launching Fund Raiser -2014

The Daxton’s Friends Store – 2014


Yankee Candle-2014


The Borchardts brags openly about donations “pouring in” since the launch of their scam non-profit yet is not reporting any income. Considering Jeff Borchardt is unemployed with the exception of a few low paid DJ jobs, it’s a no brainer to figure out why victims reaching out for FINACIAL assistance are being turned away with a pat on the back and the Borchardts telling the victims “Times are tough on all of us…”.

It will be interesting if Daxton’s Friends discloses their expenditures for 2015. So far, they have racked up at anywhere between 600 to 3,000 dollars for their bus stop ads and anywhere between 1,500 to 30,000 dollars for a 4 week period for their billboard. Let’s not forget their low grade ads in random news papers…. either way, it’s no wonder that Daxton’s Friends have no funding for the actual victims or education.  At the end of the day, it will come down to just how honest Daxton’s Friends is to the IRS and to the public, which I have this sneaky suspicion that honesty is not on their agenda. According to the Borchardts, it’s not the publics right to know exactly how a non profit is receiving money or spending it- much less if they are following the guidelines of a 501c set forth by the IRS, but the clock is ticking and we all know tax time is always around the corner, I wonder if Daxton’s Friends is prepared…. I know many organizations will be interested to see if the numbers match.

If you feel that Daxton’s Friends has engaged in Direct Lobbying– like when Daxton’s Friends and the Borchardts encourages BSL Advocates to write letters to legislators supporting BSL and directing them to use or contact Daxton’s Friends to influencee their decisions- go ahead and let the IRS know just how concerned you are by filing a complaint with the IRS. Let them know that fraudulent tax exempt charities like Daxton’s Friends are not welcome.


Come on Borchardts, what are you hiding? Let the public know just how much of your funds are going to attempting to influence politicians to support BSL & BANS while ignoring the needs of your followers?