You are not imaging things if you think there is a disturbing trend of deadly violence being used on dogs based on breed on the rise. What is even worse and possibly more frightening is the vocal approval by Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends.

“A trek to a Houston, Texas, area dog park on Sunday morning ended in tragedy for the owners of a young Staffordshire bull terrier, reported Monday’s KHOU 11 News. In the midst of dog playtime, a man pulled out a handgun and shot a dog, named “Diesel,” three times, the injuries proved to be fatal…Diesel had been rough-housing with the shooter’s dog in the moments before the shots rang out.”

I don’t know about you, but I personally am not a big fan of dog parks. One of the main reasons is the fact that Dogsbite.org members frequently talk about having access to dogs with the intent of poisoning or harming pit type dogs at dog parks.

Witness report that this man had no justification to kill this dog. I mean, you would think if you thought a dog was playing way to rough, wouldn’t you pick your dog up and go or at least speak out?

” This witness said he will never forget the horrific scene that played out in front of him when a man wielding a handgun suddenly opened fire and shot a Staffordshire bull terrier three times at close range.”

“The dog cries, he moves closer,” he said. “Pow, pow, two more bullets go into that dog. That dog is bleeding from the mouth.”

Who doesn’t think this a play right out of the BSL advocate handbook on “How to deal with a Pit Bull” ? Over and over we read the very thorough planning of how to violently kill pit bulls from Dogsbite.org & Daxton’s friends members- from sledgehammers, running over, poisoning, stabbing and shooting for any reason.

Justified Reasons To Kill a Pit Bull according to Dogsbite.org & Daxton’s Friends members:

1. It looked at you
2. It walked by you
3. It was born
4. It was a cross the street
5. It lives next to you
6. It barked
7. It’s playing
8. It’s running
9. It’s neutered
10. It’s not neutered
11. It’s male
12. It’s female
13. It’s sleeping
14. It’s eating
15. It’s a pit bull
16. It MIGHT bite someone one day.
17. Because they are spawns of Satan.
18. Because it’s a mutant undog.
19. Just in case-
20. Because you want too.

Although, the more you start to learn about their members- the less
surprised you become. From obsessions with serial killers to full fledged in depth discussions about beastality- you can’t help but wonder “Why the f@ck are these people not locked away in some padded cell?!” and believe me, we ask the same question daily.

It’s no secret that they boast their violent and depraved beliefs everywhere they go- in fact, they brag about it daily. Thankfully so many social media outlets have caught their need for violence and perversion-
Foolish Follies too & past blog posts.

I mean- for Christ’s sake, they just finished another bout of beastality morning convo over coffee this morning.

It’s gotten so bad that we even had to write a spoof about sex education for these people.

We know BSL advocates will make excuses for these extremists- because history and current events show just how positive and helpful extremists are to any cause, right?

I’m pretty sure we’ve heard them all at some point. Here are some of my favorites-

Either way- until we stand together as a collective whole and let everyone from the media all the way to the politicians the danger Dogsbite.org & Daxton’s Friends impose on our communities these violent killings of our pets will not stop. We can no longer say “one day they will go to far..” Because that day has come many times over.


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