A friendly chat among Morons-

How do you know if someone is being a sexist jerk? I guess it depends- but the first clue usually is when a convo starts with:

“It’s not sexist to say….”

However… since we are talking about BSL advocates- the same group that blames world hunger, war, failing economy and pit bull attacks on vengeful lesbians and gay marriages you can almost bet your paycheck that whatever I’m about to show you will probably be 100% sexist and offensive- but to keep it not overly offensive I took their convo and dressed it up zombiesanddogs style…

Zombiesanddogs introduces:


Scene One: Did you know?


Riiigght- totally not sexiest to bring that up at alllll.


Hear that? All of us women folk go crazy when it’s “that time of the month”, but us female pit bull owners- we just go craaaaaazier than the norm.

Scene Two: 1 idiot + 1 idiot = stupidity on a new level


Well, probably because normal people realize just how stupid, sexist and offensive Alan Hill sounds- but Ricky isn’t the brightest lightbulb in the bunch..


I dunno, Alan? Can he?


Of course! I mean, cuz it’s fine to totally insult random women with your mysogyny- especially those stupid female pit bull owners.


Of course you will Ricky- makes sense. Especially considering your buddy Borchardt tells 14 year old girls to slap some peanut butter on her privates and perform some beastality.

Scene Three: When 3 or more idiots gather- the stupidity can kill…


Them dang blasted fur mommies…. I’m sure Jack can pull some made up pit bull attack story out of his ass…. again.


Of course- it always goes back to killing things. Typical.

11 thoughts on “A friendly chat among Morons-

  1. where does dbo find these people? what rock do these idiots slither out from?? jesus! but then considering the source/agenda…this is exactly the kind of crap..she attracts…yikes…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gross, gross, gross. It’s baffling that 21st century men could be this terrified of the female body (because that is what this kind of talk ultimately comes down to). What they’re saying sounds genuinely Medieval.

    Amazing job on the presentation, though, Zombies!

    Liked by 1 person

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