The World is going to Hell in a Hand basket Thanks to Vengeful Lesbians, Same sex Couples and Pit Bulls….

HAH- seriously folks. According to active BSL Advocate bible thumping bigoted A.J Ravinsky the world is going to hell because of vengeful lesbians, same sex parents and pit bulls. 


Vengeful Lesbians are at fault for the Dugger boy molesting his sisters and other girls and vengeful lesbians are at fault that the Dugger boy & his parents are being held responsible. Those darn vengeful lesbians and gays. I mean, how dare they protest against discrimination. According to A.J, those vengeful lesbians and gays just need to repent and straighten their act up.

Yeah, that pooooor child- hold on, I need to refocuse my eyes after rolling them so far back in my head. According to A.J, the next generation is being f@cked up because many of them are being raised by same sex couples. I mean, because like how many of the American serial killers came from a same sex marriage? What’s that? How many? I’m sorry- I can’t hear you…


As long as children are growing up healthy and happy in loving homes, who cares if the parents are Jim and Alice, Alice and Anne or Jim and Tim? Seriously- how many children are sitting in foster homes? How man children are in waiting for two parents that will love the? Nationwide, more than 463,000 children live in foster care. In California, which has the largest foster care population than any other state, the number of foster youth has tripled in the last 20 years (Source: AFCARS Report 2009).  I know there are many, many, many same sex couples that would step up and have stepped up and are doing great jobs as parents with the children thriving in a same sex household.


Seriously? This is the same woman who sits on her ass and makes excuses for a man who molested his sisters. The fact that according to A.J- somehow children need both genders ONLY when it involves gay marriage is ignorance at it’s finest. How is it different when a single parent raises their child on their own? OH, well that’s just dandy cuz’ that parent isn’t gay?

Funny- I’ve only seen straight white bible thumping Christians defend the Dugger boy and his admitted molesting of his sisters.  I mean, in what world does it make sense that not allowing your son to check out playboy and porn will evoke a need to fondle their sister? Listen up parents- better subscribe your teen to some porn channels so they don’t run around molesting girls…

I’ve found that A.J’s homophobia is a normal thing in the BSL advocacy. I remember the BSL propaganda art exhibit that took place in Michigan and BSL advocates brutally verbally attacked a woman because of her lesbianism. Another example is Jeff Borchardts tirade and stalking of founder of Colorado Dogs- plastering images of her spouse and her, making derogatory comments about them being a same sex couple. I mean, according to Borchardt and Daxton’s Friends- female pit bull owners are mostly big, steroid pumping lesbians anyhow…

No matter how you look at it, hate is hate and BSL advocates have a truckloads of it. Well, we know they can’t blame vengeful lesbians and same sex couples for global warming-that’s alllllll on pit bulls, remember?

2 thoughts on “The World is going to Hell in a Hand basket Thanks to Vengeful Lesbians, Same sex Couples and Pit Bulls….

  1. What the ever-loving hell?!?! To quote John Cleese, the trouble with these people is that they are so stupid that they don’t even know how stupid they are…

    Just following through on one among many logical screwballs being pitched here:

    Of course, everyone knows that prior to1953 (and the first publication of Playboy) every single male teen with a younger sister molested said sister. But this was to be expected, because these young men had no other ‘outlet.’ Rates of inter-sibling sex crimes fell again in the late nineties with the wide availability of Internet pornography, and today the offence is virtually non-existent, except among the Amish and other Luddite communities.

    Oh wait. NONE of that is true…

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