What will 496,336.00 dollars buy you?

What can 496,336.00 dollars buy you? A house? A few houses? A car? A house and a car? If I sit here and think about what 496,336.00 dollars can cover, I think about couples who are wanting to adopt. I think about fertility treatments. I think about families drowning in medical bills and medication. Massive credit card debt, car payments, house payments, family vacations and new beginnings for struggling families- but I can tell you what doesn’t come to my mind when it comes to something costing 496,336.00 dollars: a litter of 8 pups.  A litter of 8 mutts. 54,281 dollars per pup.


I have written about “Hulk” the supposed massive “pit bull” (which- it is NOT a pit bull…..) before and his owners quick disgusting rise to fame and somehow, I’m not really shocked, at their new media story but what I am shocked and even more disgusted at is the media embracing this greedy,pathetic, backyard extreme breeder.

“Aptly-named Hulk is well known in the dog breeding world and people will pay up to £19,000 for one of his puppies. But if owner Marlon Grennan has anything to do with it, they could go for up to £35,000 each”- The LADBible.

There is nothing positive or inspiring about this Marlon Grennan’s rise to fame. The “Hulk” isn’t a positive or heart warming story about pit bulls- in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s a story that causes millions of pit bull owners and legitimate rescues to cringe and worry. In fact- everything about Marlon Grennan and his money making “Hulk” is a glaring example of dark side of the back yard breeding issues and the media is helping Grennan, and hundreds of other unethical back yard breeders, by glamourizing these obvious genetic hot messes. Since Grennan and DarkDynastyK9 won’t be upfront and honest about the actual breeds used to create Hulk, what do you think their budding fan club and wanna be back yard breeders will use to attempt to mimic the great Hulk? I mean, you know they will- it’s not like back yard breeders are not already trying to create the next biggest bully breed ever and unfortunately- we’ve seen those go tragically wrong before.


Mia Derouen, a four year old girl, was killed by a 130 lb designer mutt very much like the “Hulk”. Labeled as a “pit bull” when in fact, it was anything but that.  However- millions of dogs are paying the price because of dogs like that. Millions of owners are paying the price for men like Grennan and his fellow extreme breeders. Two dogs, probably with similar genetic blue prints and it’s no secret that Grennan is breeding for size, power and aggression as he brags about training these dogs and future leaders to be “protection dogs”. He is breeding for bigger and history has shown just how dangerous and deadly that can be.

What will happen if the Hulk one day doesn’t feel like being ridden like a pony by Grennan’s son and snaps? A dog with the size and power of Hulk will easily kill the child. What will happen if just a little slip happens as Grennan allows his son to participate in the protection training of Hulk and he gets injured?


Grennan has built his fame on the back of Hulk, what will he do if something goes horribly wrong one day? What if one of those 25,000 – 50,000 dollar puppies grows up and kills someone? Who will pay the ultimate price for that? Not Grennan- because he’s openly breeding for power, strength and aggression with the medias blessing. You know who will pay the ultimate price? Your dog. My dog. Millions of innocent dogs. Millions of innocent pit bull type dogs. All eyes are on Grennan’s dogs and when one steps out of line the world will know, but Grennan and his very public and open back yard breeding operation won’t care- they’ll be to busy trying to create an even bigger version of Hulk.

When will he stop? Probably never as long as the media keeps patting Grennan on the head and giving him a free pass- but I’m not giving him a free pass. This is wrong. He is no different than the toadline breeders and the rest of the back yard breeders that keep making the fight for our dogs harder. Grennan should enjoy the great press now because if one thing ever happens and one of his genetic hot messes hurts anything, a person or an animal, the very same media that showed him off for ratings will crucify him and it will be world wide.

2 thoughts on “What will 496,336.00 dollars buy you?

  1. Yeah, the kid riding the dog really gets me. There have been hundreds of years of selective breeding gone into horses to support a human on their backs. A dog is not a horse and his body is not equipped to support a kid on his spine! He’s being cool about it, but it’s probably causing some pain and/or issues with his hips, knees, and spine.

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