To Kill on Demand


It’s no secret that BSL advocates brag about finding ways to kill innocent healthy dogs, especially those that they consider “pit bull type”dogs and BSL advocate Lori Janusky from Franklin TN. is no different.  A young woman made a irresponsible and horrible post:


…and it didn’t take long for BSL advocate and well known online harasser Jenny Pollman (just one of the many back yard breeders of “bird dogs” in the BSL advocacy…) to find it and post it in the hate group The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed run by Jeff Borchardt (Founder of non- profit group Daxton’s Friends) and buddy William Johnson.

It didn’t take long for Lori Janusky to chime in with her solution:


Instead of finding homes or surrendering the puppies, Lori Janusky suggests something even more vile: the euthanization of the litter of puppies based off the assumed breed alone.

Even making a point that she has a vet who will willingly euthanize a litter of puppies based off “her word”. A “one way trip to her vet”. It makes me wonder… exactly who is this vet that is allegedly euthanizing dogs that Lori claims she takes to that vet?

“She could have brought them here to me – I certainly as a rescuer would have taken them and give them a one way ride to my vet. And would have reached out had I seen this earlier.”

Who is Lori Janusky? Lori Janusky offers Pet training and sitting services in Franklin TN. It makes me wonder…. are there lost “pit bull type” dogs in Franklin TN? Has she pretended to adopt “pit bull” puppies from families, rescues and shelters and taken them to her “vet” and had them euthanized?

Either way, information has been sent to the multiple rescues in Franklin TN to find out if she has either adopted puppies or dogs and the information of her “rescuing” and the “one way trips to the vets”.

15 thoughts on “To Kill on Demand

  1. What a bunch of savages, mentally ill ones at that. How bizarre is a mater-of-fact discussion about different ways to kill puppies? I’m surprised they did not mention ritually sacrificing the defenseless animals to their cult leader, Coleen Lynn and drinking puppy blood with jerk-off Jeff. These people are mentally unstable and need professional help.

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    1. A rescuer who gives them a one way ride to her vets.. Good grief! They will never see how the VAST majority of the world views them. I think she will fit in perfectly with these sociopaths.. Animal lovers? Now that’s the joke of the century. Animal lovers don’t sit in public or private groups thinking of ways to kill innocent dogs.

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    2. not mentally ill thank you, we with mental illness love animals. its the ‘Sane’ people who do this shit. Sociopaths mostly, and for the time being Sociopathy is not recognized as a mental illness, as it has no negative affects on the patient, only on those around them. In fact many mental health and behavioral experts believe Sociopathy is a Nurture over nature type deal, where as mental illness is usually a result of some kind of neurological or chemical issue related to genetics and fetal development.

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  2. I think Lori needs lots and lots of reviews on her dog sitting page. And I think some phone calls to our contacts in her area are in order. What a nasty skank.

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  3. Honestly, look at her Facebook page. Do you think people look at that page and think “gee, this is a stable, responsible woman who should take care of my dogs?”. No.

    However, if there are licensing requirements for pet sitting and training where she lives, it would be worth it to see if she’s in compliance.

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